Outsider art: Julian Charrière brings his globe-trotting artworks to London

Outsider art: Julian Charrière brings his globe-trotting artworks to London

Swiss artist Julian Charrière brings his awe-inspiring artworks to London in a new show called ’For They That Sow The Wind’

In his 28 years, Julian Charrière has achieved more than most artists can hope to in a lifetime. Namely, winning Switzerland’s most prestigious art prize twice, presenting a major outdoor exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris and creating work for the Venice Biennale. Next up on the Swiss-born artist’s agenda is his first UK solo show at the Parasol Unit, ’For They That Sow the Wind’.

Based in Berlin, where he trained at Olafur Eliasson’s Institute of Spatial Experiments, Charrière’s work has seen him travel to some of the most remote corners of the planet to gather inspiration and materials for his poetic works, that explore themes of time, the continuous cycle of past, present and future, ecology and human intervention.

Take for instance his photographic series Blue Fossil Entropic Stories, where we find Charrière in the Arctic Ocean atop a vast iceberg where, for eight hours, he unsuccessfully tried to sculpt its surface with a blow torch. Or Tropisme, an ode to the Cretaceous period, where a collection of orchids and cactuses known to have existed during this geological period have been shock frozen in liquid nitrogen and sealed in a refrigerated sealed glass vitrine.

As well as these celebrated works, the show at Parasol Unit, curated by its founder/director Ziba Ardalan, is set to include some new site-specific pieces. Visitors to the exhibition can also enjoy a full-colour publication that includes two insightful essays, one by contemporary philosopher Timothy Morton and the other by Ardalan herself, along with an interview with the artist.

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