Artist's Palate: Sir Paul Smith's beans on toast

 Beans on toast
Pictured: ’Swirl’ rug, £4,939, by Paul Smith, for The Rug Company. ‘Signature Stripe II’ dinner plate, £105, by Paul Smith, for Thomas Goode
(Image credit: John Short.)

Sir Paul Smith has built a global empire and one of Britain’s most successful fashion brands through hard work, creativity and making the ordinary extraordinary. He takes the same approach to his favourite dish. While resolutely British, it is anything but ordinary and is tricked up with a twist – in this case, the world’s most famous sourdough and Echiré butter. ‘I’m not much of a cook but I do love classic, simple dishes. My recipe for beans on toast is exactly that. I’m close to the Poilâne family and always visit their bakery when I’m in Paris. They make the best bread in the world, so you start there and work up – perfect French butter combined with Heinz baked beans and a dash of HP sauce.’ It’s Paul Smith at his best – combining the best of British with international flavours.

Sourdough bread, preferably from Poilâne
Beurre d'Echiré
Heinz baked beans
HP sauce

Warm the bakes beans and toast as many slices of sourdough as you are in the mood for. Take the beans off the heat and allow to cool whilst you spread a generous spread of butter to each slice of toast. Add a dash of HP sauce to cooling beans and pour over buttered bread to enjoy.

As originally featured in the September 2016 issue of Wallpaper* (W*210)


Food stylist: Jennifer Joyce