Marking the celebrations of the now 50-year old iconic museum, a new exhibition, titled From Within Outward, just opened in the Guggenheim in New York, showcasing over 60 works of the museum’s famous creator; none other, than American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

The exhibits range from drawings and archive photographs to the architect’s own sketches, and include privately commissioned residences, civic, government, religious, performance buildings, as well as a number of some of the architect’s larger-scale unrealized designs; all promising an inspiring time for the architecture-hungry visitor. Over 200 original drawings teamed up with newly commissioned models and short films, while animations are set to enhance the experience and help the visitor get into the mind of one of the most important representatives of 20th century architecture.

The Guggenheim’s Golden anniversary is ’not exactly a retrospective’, as President and CEO of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Phil Allsopp says. The exhibition will focus on the way Wright’s work evolved and how his vision was expressed in different building types and various commissions, from more unknown works, to the well-known classics.

Visit the show, not just to brush-up on the great architect’s considerable body of work. Highlights also include an exploded model version of the Herbert Jacobs House and a mirrored model of Unity Temple, as well as special animations of unbuilt and now demolished works, which will help us look at Wright’s work in a fresh new way.