Norwegian studio Huus Og Heim is hoping for a revolution in the private housing market. Their Zerhouse project, first shown at the Bygg Reis Deg Nordic Building fair in Oslo in September, is an experimental attempt to bring the economies of car production to house design. This means paring down each design into a series of 3m x 4m ’units’ that contain all the necessary technical services.
This unit, according to the architects, acts like the engine of a car, a technical core that is delivered ready-made to site to form the basis of the client’s chosen design. Partners Børge Opheim and Aslak Haanshuus have a fine portfolio of speculative housing design, culminating in one of their first built works, Gunnar’s House, a compact wooden cabin in the Norwegian woods. The duo hopes that Zerhouse will kick-start a new beginning for mass-market design.