These new holiday rentals on the small island of Stokkøya fulfill a modernist dream. The island, located in the middle of the country, has risen in popularity recently due to the very untraditional style of entrepreneurs Roar Svenning and Toril Langklopp. They already run a popular restaurant on the waterfront, a glass box stranded on the white beach nearby. Their latest addition is a linked set of concrete and glass subterranean apartments which mix comfort and raw industrial style.
In the spirit of the late architect Richard Neutra, the buildings seek to erase the boundaries between indoor and outdoor space. They are designed to exist in harmony with the surrounding environment and minimise any natural footprint. Overlooking the ocean and covered in vegetation, futuristic domes peak up through the grass roofs to sift daylight in trough large concrete pipes.
Each interior is unique, combining design classics with vintage furniture. Fine Art students from HDK, Gothenburg contributed artwork and one-off pieces of furniture, but nothing is more stunning than the architecture itself, the unpolished concrete, the massive pipe of light piercing through the ceiling, and the simplicity of clear glass fronting the sea.