We thought it only fair to throw open the doors to the W* House and share with you how we’d fit out our dream digs. From consoles to cupboards, beds to bookcases, the W* House features our favourite pieces of design from across the globe, room by room. When it comes to sharing our finds, we wanted to keep things simple, letting you furnish your house with the click of a mouse, the Wallpaper* way. 

Selected gallery

Products / Lighting


‘Valigia’ table lamp

Ettore Sottsass / Roche Bobois
From £620

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Italian architect and designer Ettore Sottsass, who passed away in 2007, Roche Bobois has reissued his classic ‘Valigia’ lamp. The Memphis desk lamp feels just as contemporary today as when it was created 40 years ago. It comprises a single bent metal plate on top of four, lacquer-coated steel legs. The original red and black version is complemented by a new white and black edition for 2017.

'XO Light'

Studio Edwards / Rakumba

It can’t be a surprise to anyone that in the W* House, well-designed, good lighting is de rigueur. Nothing spoils the mood more than an inelegant shade that throws off equally unappealing light. Which explains why we’re making ceiling space for ‘XO Light’. Designed by the Melbourne-based Studio Edwards in collaboration with the Australian industrial manufacturer Rakumba, the silhouette of the pendant lamp is drawn directly from the world of sailboat racing and yacht design.

Three slender strips of satin-brushed brass form a stylised exo-skeleton – which, in turn, gives the lamp its moniker. When put under tension, these battens, says lead designer Ben Edwards, give shape to the ‘sail’ of the lamp covering, itself made of stitched opalescent PVC. When turned on, the tridonic LED gives off a soft glow that, with the lamp’s streamlined curves, creates the impression of a boat in full sail at dawn.

‘There’s an emphasis on technical skills here,’ Edwards says, referencing the scientific approach that is becoming the hallmark of his fledgling studio, which is currently working on a gallery/hotel in Melbourne’s St Kilda, as well as a pop-up store for a New Zealand cosmetic brand.


'Signal' lighting collection

From £1,250

Brooklyn based studio Workstead explores elegant minimalism in their recent lighting launch. A rich use of brass, bronze and hand sanded acrylic make up the simple silhouettes, providing a poetic, ambient glow. Available as sconce, flush mount, or pendant form, the fixture is paired with a pull chain and matching rod for a practical yet muted addition. Described by Workstead as 'hieroglyphic' models, the ornamental aesthetic allows them engage with the surrounding in which they inhabit.

'Kilo TL Nero Portoro' lamp

Kalmar Werkstätten

Kalmar Werkstätten releases another limited edition 'Kilo' design, this time in a darker marble. The Austrian brand's lamp embodies a slim polished nickel stem that contrasts its jet black Nero Portoro marble stand, set with natural golden veins. The base is paired with an impressively large silken shade that further cajoles with the model's balance.

'Babel' lamp

Ángel Jové / Santa & Cole

To honour its 30th anniversary this year, Spanish lighting company Santa & Cole has reissued its sculptural ‘Babel’ lamp. Originally designed by graphic designer and illustrator Ángel Jové in 1971, the lamp is made from smooth alabaster from the Spanish village of Sarral, its robust form evoking the geometric linearity of the art deco period while exuding an architectural, totemic elegance – a combination ahead of its time, and no less relevant today. As each lamp is meticulously crafted by hand, no two are alike, and they are just as impactful on a tabletop as on the floor.

As originally featured in the November 2016 issue of Wallpaper* (W*212)


'Paul Smith Edition 3' desk lamp

Paul Smith / Anglepoise

This is the third time the two eloquent British brands Anglepoise and Paul Smith have joined forces to interpret the former's classic Type 75, this time in bright primary colours, inspired by the De Stijl movement pioneered by Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg. Combining the unmistakable modernist form of an Anglepoise with the unique handprint of the fashion designer, they celebrate impeccable yet abstract style and function.

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'Shade' Lamp

Masquespacio / Raco
€ 585,15

In a fully Spanish endeavour, the 'Shade' lamp unusually blends raffia, leather, marble and brass. Designed by Masquespacio for lighting brand Raco, all of the segments are artisan crafted in its geometric, postmodern form. The range of warm textures provide an abstract yet luxurious addition to the home


Caroline Prisse / Lensvelt

Netherlands-based contract furniture brand Lensvelt presents BULBS, a unique range of hand-blown hanging lights. Designed by Caroline Prisse, the spheres of light are not perfectly round, each lamp sports a concave indent, a quality Prisse argues ‘makes the objects look human’. The pendants are available in six hues of transparent green, yellow, blue and red.

'Panthella' mini table lamp

Verner Panton / Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen has launched its mini-version of the iconic 'Panthella' lamp, designed by Verner Panton in 1971.Featuring the original semi-spherical lamp and tumpet-shaped foot, Panthella MINI features painted metal shades available in eight striking colours from Verner Panton’s own palette: yellow, orange, pink, red, mauve, blue and two shades of green. In addition, Panthella MINI has three light intensities and cutting-edge LED technology.


'Bolla' vase


Distinct for its sharp lines, smooth curves and elongated neck, courtesy of a freehand glass-blowing technique, NasonMoretti's 'Bolla' vase is an elegant addition to any home or office setting. Available in a selection of bold hues, the ornamental vase is equally as striking when displayed solo or as part of a collective.

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Sliced Sphere

Frederik Roijé
From €229

This dynamic light from international design studio Frederik Roijé comprises a hollow globe of powder coated steel with a characteristic, diagonal cut through the middle that light atmospherically shines through. Staying true to the firm's graphic style, 'Sliced Sphere' hangs elegantly in a cluster or on its own as a feature pendant. Available in a range of tones including an earthy brick brown and copper green, or a lustrous gold version for a sleeker finish.


Boris Klimek / Lasvit

Based on a fascination with transparency and perception, Boris Klimek's 'Lollipop' collection of tables and lighting for Lasvit is at once playful and functional. Experimenting with the technique of slumped glass, Klimek has combined organically-shaped glass plates with a metal holder and an inserted light source to produce the 'Lollipop' pendant light. The result is a stunning centrepiece light that also offers a beautifully distorted view of reality through a turquoise lens.

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'Papillon' wall light

Bernhardt & Vella / Arflex

An appliqué light that plays with transparency, colour and geometry, ‘Papillon’ was designed by the Milan-based studio of Ellen Bernhardt and Paola Vella as part of a collection that also includes a series of room dividers in a similar style. The asymmetric light is formed of contrastingly coloured glass shapes with two LED strips held in place by a brass axis. It’s the first glass project by Arflex and an elegant addition to the company’s eclectic furniture range.


Daniel Rybakken / J Hill's Standard
Price on request

Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken’s collaboration with Irish glass specialist J Hill’s Standard has resulted in a collection of crystal glass and anodised aluminium lamps that combines delicate craftsmanship with a contemporary edge.

Press floor lamp

Nendo / Lasvit

The glass tube in this floor lamp is pressed as though it has been pinched, lending itself to the name. Designed by Tokyo-based studio Nendo for Bohemian glass specialist Lasvit, it is has been created fully out of smoke-hued glass. The light source is simply placed in the tube’s narrow point, allowing it to appear soft and sculptural.

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Alberto Biagetti / Venini

From Alberto Biagetti's 'Edi' collection of lights, this table lamp was conceived and designed as real light bulbs, but with a twist. Here, the filament has been replaced with a piece of sculptural glass constructed from multi-coloured Murano glass canes, which offer soft tones to the LED light.

Available from WallpaperSTORE*

Studioilse w084t2

Ilse Crawford / Wästberg

Born of a collaboration between eminent Swedish design-house, Wästberg, and coveted British designer, Ilse Crawford, this unique table lamp with NL plug utilises – alongside years of impressive design innovation – the power of materials to evoke sensory and emotional responses in the viewer. Sand-casted iron, treated with a burnt vegetable oil, is used to portray a sense of stability, reliability and trust. Beech wood gives an impression of warmth and life, while mineral plastic has been specially chosen for its intimate glow and tactility. In collaboration, these materials and the designers behind their marriage, bring to the surface a unique concept of beauty within the visceral realm of interior accessories.

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Dan Yeffet / Veronese
From €1950

Paris-based Dan Yeffet presents this subtle lighting fixture that merges two elegant materials: Murano glass and marble. Shaping the piece as if a refined vessel, the symmetrical model hones in on the quality of the materials with sleek curves and its circular grey or tobacco edges. The minimalist design allows for its size to get experimental with a colossal version available at 111cm, making 'Highlight' an ornamental addition to the room.


Julie Richoz / Louis Poulsen

Made for those with a large banqueting hall and epic high ceilings, this colossal pendant is the work of Swiss-French designer Julie Richoz, for Danish lighting wizards Louis Poulson. The architectural style structure is formed of six layered aluminium shades to reach its 800mm height. Realised in a purist white hue to keep the boldly large silhouette refined, its subtle curves allow the light to be altered creating shadows through the shade.

Nojaa and Ojentaa

Mari Isopahkala
Price on request

A collection that takes its cues from the Dutch De Stijl movement, these playful wooden lights were designed by Helsinki-based designer Mari Isopahkala. The abstract sculptures are available in tall or short table version and all embody simple wooden silhouettes, with some of their angular planks painted in a pop and a contrasting pastel tone. Intended as lighting, but acting more as artistic decorations, their additional LEDs may not aid illumination, but lend to its whimsical framework for another dimension.

Aymier D'Arques

Luis Laplace / James Paris

Argentinian architect and designer Luis Laplace has created this limited edition lamp 'Aymier D'Arques' for James Paris. Imbued with elegant Parisian craft, the piece is made of stoneware, fabric and patinated brass from local European craftsmen. The shades of the collectors piece are pared back, exposing the ornamental base that arrives in three decadent shades of charcoal black, ash grey and glossy red.

'90°' wall light


Doubling as an elegant storage solution, Frama's '90°' wall light is a strong design statement with an equally distinct geometric character. The industrial piece has a simplistic exposed light with a copper base plate allowing it to bring a raw style to any room of the house. On this occasion, we have chosen the clinical bathroom.

Available from the WallpaperStore*


Ferruccio Laviani / Citco Marmi
Price on request

Launched at Salone del Mobile, these 'Totem' vases by Ferruccio Laviani shape abstract forms of dark and light marble from Verona-based Citco Marmi. The enveloping pieces takes inspiration from Romanian sculptor Constantin Brâncuși, with the lighting fixture kept hidden. Appearing as strong contemporary ornaments, they can easily be moved from room to room, adding luxury to the space.



Minimalux's lifestyle accessories contrast a pared-back aesthetic with laboriously pored-over design details. This chrome-plated, energy-saving bulb table lamp, is made from blown opal glass with a precision-cut solid brass stem – making it the perfect accompaniment to bedside and coffee tables alike.

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Tobias Grau
€ 519,00

Frankfurt-based brand Tobias Grau have created Falling - a striking suspension lamp that mimics a falling water droplet. Available in polished aluminium, glossy black or matt black finishes, the lamp makes use of powerful and efficient LEDs to produce a surprisingly strong spotlight with top colour rendering that can be dimmed to create a more intimate glow. FALLING is part of Grau's wider 'Choice' lighting installations.

'Butler' light

Arik Levy / Delta Light
From €410

Harnessing the trend for lighting that works both indoors and out, Paris-based designer Arik Levy has created 'Butler' for design firm Delta Light. The signature pleated shade was inspired by folded paper and recalls classic Parisian plisse fashion. Reminiscent of the Israeli designer's artistic touch, the pleats cast poetic shadows all around the shade, even when the internal light is off, and then during the evening this creates a cozy intimate glow. The standing lamp comes in two different sizes and also a wall-hanging version.

Clover Garden

Ionna Vautrin / Lexon

Lexon pride themselves on creating small, useful, accessible items. The 'Clover Garden' lamp is no exception. Created by French designer Ionna Vautrin, the simple yet playful outdoor light automatically switches on and off by sensor. It is water resistant, rain-fast, and runs economically on solar power. The pointed stake slots neatly into turf, or can be embedded in a plant pot. 'Clover Garden' is available in three pop colours, all that are whimsically designed to be gathered to form a vibrant flowerbed of lights.

K&W table lamp

Price on request

Nahoor designer William Pianta has created the K&W table lamp, inspired by Italian heritage, fused with advancing technologies. The mushroom-shaped lamp comprises a slim, marble base topped by a dome of opal Murano glass. The lamp is pictured here in polished chrome and green Carrara, but is also available in a number of finishes including brushed brass and matt lacquered.


Ramón Úbeda & Otto Canalda / Metalarte
From £290

Stoneware continues to show off its elegance with this portable lantern. A fully Spanish project, 'Rolling' is designed by Ramón Úbeda & Otto Canalda for Barcelona-based brand Metalarte. The crafted piece was formed as part of architectural lighting collection ‘Stones,’ a range for both outdoor and indoor use. 'Rolling' brings a rough, organic aesthetic into the warm home set while merging innately with the garden. Úbeda and Canalda here show a unique skill with turning bold, raw material into a sleek and refined finishing product. Photography: Eugeni Aguiló


Ignis pendant

ICRAVE / Cerno

Design powerhouses Cerno and ICRAVE have collaborated on a new pendant, Ignis. A maple wood frame with a three legged support holds the shade, which perches on top. Using natural materials with neutral colours, the shades are minimal, and nod to Cerno's industrial lighting specialism. Ignis is available in a variety of finishes, including glossy white and distressed brass (pictured).