We thought it only fair to throw open the doors to the W* House and share with you how we’d fit out our dream digs. From consoles to cupboards, beds to bookcases, the W* House features our favourite pieces of design from across the globe, room by room. When it comes to sharing our finds, we wanted to keep things simple, letting you furnish your house with the click of a mouse, the Wallpaper* way. 

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Products / Accessories


Colour plate

Scholten & Baijings / Karimoku New Standard

This set of three wooden plates bears all the hallmarks of Dutch design duo, Scholten & Baijings: the vibrant colours, graphic patterns and complementary combinations. Designed for Karimoku New Standard, the 'Colour' platter features three wooden plates, each printed with a contemporary linear design. Combining the hues of yellow, olive and grey, the Japanese chestnut pieces are stackable and versatile enough to be used as plates or trays.

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Small square tray

Michaël Verheyden

Crisp edges give way to soft curves in Michaël Verheyden's square tray. Deep enough to hold a collection of items, the green marble tray is ideal for storing — and displaying — small objects and trinkets in style.

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Cristina Celestino / Attico

From Cristina Celestino's 'Olfattorio' collection for Attico, these vases present an innovative way in which to both present flowers and amplify their scent. The borosilicate glass ampoule — a cylindrical sandblasted base topped by a removable bubble — places the stem right at the centre, offering preservation and maximising the olfactory experience.

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'Classic' pencil lead box


Taiwanese stationary experts Ystudio dedicate their work to the creation of powerfully minimal everyday objects – such as this pencil lead box. Designed by the firm’s founders, Yi & Yanko, the gold-coloured brass and copper piece will be the perfect counterpart to your mechanical pencil.

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Bamboo box, champagne set

Cedes Milano

This beautifully crafted rich brown leather and Alcantara lined wooden case is the perfect match for Cedes Milano’s champagne set of bottle opener and stopper (sold separately). Coming with a bamboo root handle, it completes the perfect gift box for fine drink lovers.

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Mario Ferrarini / Living Divani

For the first mirror in the Living Divani collection, the company enlisted Como-based designer Mario Ferrarini, who played with balance and geometry to create ‘Galileo’. Available in two sizes – 60cm or 90cm in diameter – the mirror is suspended by a thin steel wire and resembles a giant pendulum, poised to swing. Its imposing size is contrasted by the lightness of its form and the brilliance of its bronze finish. Looking glasses don’t get much better looking.


Carsten Gollnick / Schönbuch

Never lose a letter again: as part of the Hesperide collection, designed by Berlin-based Carsten Gollnick for German manufacturer Schönbuch, this oiled walnut letter-sorter is the perfect entrance area accessory. Keeping neat and tidy has never looked so good.

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Joe Doucet / Nude
From £72

Taking its cues from the tradition of Scottish whiskey, this new collection from Turkish glass manufacturer Nude is imbued with the etchings of a Tartan pattern. Designed by New York-based Joe Doucet, the glasses and decanters are characterised by a heavy base leading to refined rim. The eloquent glass collection is pared with a contrasting yet grandeur marble stopper, taking pride of place in any luxury drinks cove.


Studiopepe / Menu

Designed by Milanese agency Studiopepe, this stylish marble mirror takes its cues from the aesthetic of late 1950s Italy, which favoured clean lines and precious materials. Influenced by the works of masters such as Gio Ponti and Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Studiopepe has created an object for everyday use that will age beautifully and last forever. It is available here in white or black marble, and made for Danish design brand Menu.

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Designed by Arcahorn’s creative director, Filippo Dini, this pair of bookends consists of two lacquered wood blocks – each the size and shape of a small coffee table book – on sleek stainless steel bases. Each of their edges has been adorned with two pieces of finely polished dark horn. Part of Arcahorn’s gift collection, the bookends are handmade in Italy by the brand’s skilled craftsmen.

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'Gio Ponti' Luxury nickel black centrepiece


This contemporary centrepiece is made up of two bowls that can be combined to create a complete sphere. When separated, each nickel black-coated stainless steel component can be upturned and balanced on its foot, and used to hold fruit or flowers. When joined together, they form an eye-catching sculpture that will elevate any living space.

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'Time Maze'

Daniel Libeskind / Alessi

Polish-American architect Daniel Libeskind is no stranger to designing furniture, and his portfolio includes a sofa for Flexform and a bookcase for Poliform. This year, Libeskind worked with Alessi to create a striking wall clock that echoes the sharp corners and erratic lines of his visionary architecture. Eschewing traditional clock-face designs, the architect chose instead to focus on a continuous line, in red epoxy resin-coated stainless steel, tangled into an angular maze and complemented by a black circular mechanism with black hour and minute hands. Turning time on its head, the clock can be hung in any orientation.

'Moon' bowl

Ilona Van Den Bergh

Belgian designer Ilona Van den Bergh creates these stunning ceramic bowls by casting them into half-spherical plaster moulds and then reshaping them while still pliable. Each circular piece is worked by hand to shape a gentle indentation across the curved surface before being fired to fix its final shape. The resulting one-offs are available in four different colours and three different sizes.

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Seem Soap

At once inspiring and challenging, Seem Soap's 'Paradoxe' collection applies the careful consideration of product design to an everyday, often forgotten object. Made with a vegetable soap base and formulated with natural ingredients and pigments, 'Paradoxe N°1' is both fragrance- and allergen-free. Green tea scented, the soap is ergonomically shaped to fit the hand with ease, while layers of colour ensure this often overlooked item will never go unnoticed.

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'Brocca' jug


The Tuscan town of Empoli has long been associated with glassmaking, and for centuries the craft has been utilised to accommodate local necessities, such as to produce bottles for wine from nearby Chianti. The glass typically takes on a green hue, a result of the high levels of iron oxide found in local sand. This handblown collection by Eligo is made up of unique nuances, as well as clean, graceful lines.

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Banano 1


The 'Banano Leaf' collection is a series of ceramic plates shaped like banana leaves, each one accurately detailing the fine intricacies of a leaf on its surface. Produced by the Venetian ceramic brand Bosa, the organic and refined plates can be both ornamental, or used as a platter for an elequent dinner party.

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Dimore Studio / Bitossi Ceramiche
Price on request

Dimore Studio delved into the rich history of Bitossi Ceramiche for their 2016 collaboration. Taking its cues from the Fondazione Vittoriano Bitossi archive, they melded together brass and ceramics, a classic mix for their vases that they make contemporary with their abstract silhouette. Available in a strong contrasting palette of teal, black, red and pink, the playful sculptures can appear ornamental on a table setting, fitting anything from flowers to cutlery.

'India SV 1' vase

Utopia & Utility

Combining a striking trifecta of hand-blown Bohemian glass with high-quality brass and Finnish natural edge wood, Utopia & Utility's 'India SV 1' vase can be dissembled into separate, functional components, each with an equally compelling impact. Each organically formed part can be used independently as a singular vessel. When stacked, they present a sculptural container that is suited to holding floral arrangements or small household accessories.

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Linck Ceramics

Featuring all the hallmarks of Linck Ceramics — matt white finish, varying volumes and clean, sharp lines — the 'S222' bowl embodies the timeless aesthetic that the Swiss brand has built its name on. Designed by the Linck founder, Margrit Linck, the ceramic 'S222' vase is made at the brand's atelier in Bern, using traditional pottery techniques.

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'Tequila' sunrise jug

Mist-O / Ichendorf Milano

The work of Japanese-Italian studio MIST-O, the 2003 ‘Tequila Sunrise’ carafe collection comprises glass jugs and bottles in various sizes. Each piece is a juxtaposition of glass elements in different colours (including deep amber, smoky grey and bottle green), which makes it look as if it has liquid in it already. Each borosilicate glass piece is hand-blown in Italy for their alchemist-style finish.

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Herringbone vase

Phil Cuttance

The best vases are more than mere vessels for beauty; they stand on their own as sculptural pieces or defiant design. The Herringbone vase by Phil Cuttance is one such design. Unveiled at Salone del Mobile, this angular piece is the result of Cuttance's continued interest in 'creating visually complex three dimensional forms, in a relatively "lo-fi" way.' Individually hand-crafted in his London studio, the cement composite shows a history, however innocuously, of the process behind its making.

Urkiola candleholder

Patricia Urquiola / Georg Jensen

Created by Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola, this sculptural candleholder is modern, yet functional, making for the perfect tabletop accessory. Manufactured by Danish lifestyle brand Georg Jensen, the refined pieces are available in copper or silver, and are imbued with the Copenhagen-based brand's elegance that is found in their hollowware, watches, jewellery and home products.

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T3 bottle

Matteo Thun Atelier

This delicate bottle was created by Italian architect and designer Matteo Thun. Made of Murano glass from the famous Venetian island, it is shaped by expert glassblowers using blowing pipes, pliers, as well as their own hands. The playfully hued pieces feature impressive gradients across the pop shades that are mixed together for each trinket.

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Shaping colour

Germans Eermičs

Netherlands-based studio German Eermičs started at colour for this shelf as opposed to the shape, as the name suggests. Keeping the shape utterly simple and minimalist, he focused on the intense variation of hues that make up the piece. Made up of clear glass that is connected together at the curves, it has a console, shelf and mirror in the collection that all combine frosted, graduated, smeared colours. Photography: Lonneke van der Palen

'Atomic' mirrror

Giovanni Garattoni / Tonelli

Designed for Italian glass specialist Tonelli by fellow Italian Giovanni Garattoni, the sprawling 'Atomic' wall mirror made its debut at this year's Salone del Mobile. The cluster of mirrors can be hung either vertically or horizontally, achieving a suspended, rising bubbles effect. The overlaid, circular panes are cut in complementary hues of smoked bronze, ash-grey, rose gold and pink for a whimsical, floating wall finish.

Handle spice bowl

Olubunmi Adeyemi / The Àga Concept

Conceived by Nigerian designer Olubunmi Adeyemi, The Àga Concept combines functionality with African heritage for a contemporary line of kitchen tools and utensils, crafted from locally sourced wood. This bowl is ideal for holding spices and serving is facilitated by a handle, which is marked by black and red stripes at its tip.

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'Hot Spots' collection

Christine Rathmann / Rosenthal

Working intuitively and combining a series of unexpected shapes and colours, German designer Christine Rathmann has produced the eye-catching 'Hot Spots' collection for glass, porcelain and ceramics specialists Rosenthal. Featuring a spectacular gradient of kaleidoscopic tones that smoothly blends shades of yellow, pink and orange across a multifaceted surface, the 'Coastal Shades' porcelain vase functions as both a decorative piece and a practical object, with an appearance that alters depending on lighting, position and angle.

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Cast brass vase

Thévos Choquet
Price on request

These humble one-flower vases by duo Thévoz Choquet comprises polished brass cast in a transparent resin block. The brass is deliberately left exposed, allowing it to oxidise over time, whilst the resin remains pristine, shiny and untouched. This creates a unique ornament that both ages and remains new, poetically trapped between two conflicting timelines. The sculptural pieces are part of a collection of ambiguous objects made from the same materials as part of the 'I Dream of Luxury' exhibition in Rossana Orlandi at Salone del Mobile

Amazonite stripe platter

Bethan Gray

London-based designer Bethan Gray is known for her passion for luxurious natural materials, such as solid wood, marble and leather. This smooth, round serving platter is the perfect example of the Welsh designer’s approach. Made out of an exquisite contrast of green crystal amazonite and black marble, the two are bought together in an animalistic stripy pattern that can be a whimsical addition to any tea party.

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Miranda Watkins

Part of the growing collection of handcrafted pewter tableware by British designer Miranda Watkins, this snack bowl set is made to order by the Sheffield-based pewter specialist AR Wentworth. The three bowls come in different sizes, to serve everything from peanuts to crisps. The highly polished contemporary pieces can look elegant in any banquet setting, mixing it with other wood or marble tableware allows for it to shine among the crowd.

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