Nov 2015

Entertaining special

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We thought it only fair to throw open the doors to the W* House and share with you how we’d fit out our dream digs. From consoles to cupboards, beds to bookcases, the W* House features our favourite pieces of design from across the globe, room by room. When it comes to sharing our finds, we wanted to keep things simple, letting you furnish your house with the click of a mouse, the Wallpaper* way. 

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Products / Accessories


'Les Rivières du Temps' abacus

Elliott Barnes
Price on request

Paris-based American designer Elliot Barnes has imagined this supersize abacus that can easily double as a room divider. Carefully crafted from chestnut wood and blown glass, the contrasting materials bring a sense of whimsical warmth to a room environment with the selection of caramel and clear spheres mixing with the rich walnut and contemporary brass base which the piece stands on. The form is modern yet boasting an retro feel with the colour palette, nodding to the age-old concept of calculating.


Constantin Wortmann / Georg Jensen

Strikingly modern in its rendering in mirror polished stainless steel, the Cobra tray, like the mythical snake that inspired it, boasts sinuous, sculptural curves that should add some serpentine sophistication to any sideboard or dining table. The tray joins a large list of poetic pieces that German designer Constantin Wortmann has designed for Danish silver stalwarts Georg Jensen.

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Raw Edges / Golran

Raw Edges' Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay teamed up with Golran to produce 'Lake', a series of carpets conceived as an a contemporary interpretation of the Persian rug. Exploring optical illusion via an existing op-art lenticular technique, it was the aim of the designers to produce a rug that would reflect the vivid colours of daytime to the less bright shades of the evening, subtly adjusting the mood of its setting through an iridescent pattern. The result, produced by Golran's craftsmen in Nepal, is this hand-knotted wool and bamboo silk rug, which cleverly brings together threads of greens, blues and cream.

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Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec / Iittala

Designed by French brothers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, the award-winning Ruutu vases come in five sizes and seven colours. Each piece is unique, as it is mouth-blown into a steel mould and polished by hand. Its angular yet fluid shape might look simple enough, but in fact it takes no less than seven highly skilled craftsmen in Iittala's factory in Helsinki to make just one vase.

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Aldo Cibic / Paola C

A creation from the Memphis mind of Aldo Cibic, this abstract carafe is designed to filter ice and fruit slices with its elegantly thin neck. Created for Milan-based Paola C, the vessel won a Wallpaper* Design Award in 2011 for its refined and innovative form that is made out of blown Borosilicate glass by Massimo Lunardon.

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Kanz Architetti / Hands on design

A fully Italian project, these ‘Gugo’ pitcher jugs are made for Milan-based brand Hands On Design- the masters of age–old manufacturing techniques. Using a modern aesthetic with subtle elegant detailing, the curvaceous vessels feature a corked closure in the design by Kanz Architetti. The piece itself was produced using traditional methods by Venetian glass artisan Erre Soffieria.

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One to One

Armando Bruno / Brandglas

Milanese architect Armando Bruno collaborated with Brandglas on this this circular mirror featuring a panel of digitally printed marble. With a puzzling combination of classic and modern, Bruno’s piece is available in pink marble version (pictured) as well as calcatta and black.

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Tapio Wirkkala / Venini
From £852

Designed by Tapio Wirkkala for Venini, the 'Bolle' series is perhaps the most famous and representative collection by the Finn for the Italian glassmakers. Made using the incalmo technique, which fuses separately blown pieces of glass into one item, this curved bottle consists of blown Murano glass components declined in a charming variety of candy hues.

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Now and Then

Natascha Madeiski and Linnie Mclarty
from £160

Inspired by an archaeological dig in Lebanon, these pieces bring together past and present in metalwork and ceramic. The collection is a collaboration between architect Natascha Madeiski – who has mastered the porcelain vessels and jewellery designer – and silver smith Linnie Mclarty who has worked on the metal tools attached, which they describe ‘almost like soldiers, guarding the precious things inside’. Resembling a spice-set, the containers are available in four pastel colours, with small flatware servers attached. This is an inaugural collaboration between the two UK-based creatives and was presented during London Design Festival this year.

Desktop set

Benoît Deneufbourg / Another Country

The refined woodwork of Belgian designer Benoît Deneufbourg meets the Scandinavian-Japanese minimalism of British manufacturer Another Country in this elegant, geometric set. Made in the UK from solid maple, and using swathes of brushed brass to stunning effect, the three beautifully crafted pieces – a stackable paper tray and two different pen and pencil holders – will certainly add a sculptural touch to your desktop.

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Vaso barrel

Benjamin Hubert / Bitossi Ceramiche

Part of British designer Benjamin Hubert’s 'Seams' collection for renowned Italian ceramicist Bitossi, the Barrel vase is created using its manufacturer’s expert craftsmanship in earthenware production. The playful vessels boast the designer's shapely techniques seen previously in his lighting, here translating into different sized bottles, jars and vases in bright and pastel contrasting tones.

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Vase Trio

Scandola Marmi

Since 1964, Scandola Marmi has been producing exquisite marble creations that nonchalantly range from small design objects to large-scale, intricately detailed floors coverings. Their exquisite marble creations for house and home boast simple, authentic shapes underpinned by meticulous hand-finished processes. These small black marble vases feature a warm, mottled exterior and lightly textured interiors, and come in alone or in a triple formation. Their minimal shape allows them to seamlessly blend into any interiors as flowerpots or holders of small and larger objects.

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Lyyli box series

Katriina Nuutinen
From €239

Finnish designer Katriina Nuutinen has taken the illustrious Finnish glassmaking tradition and given it her own contemporary design interpretation. Her work is inspired by the interplay between glass and light, and the material is combined with ceramics, wood and leather, producing exquisite combinations each time. In her work, Nuutinen has especially mastered the art of making boxes, vessels and containers, featuring simple shapes and subtle colours. Her 'Lyyli' series of small boxes are imagined to store small, precious objects, inside what the designer affectionately calls ‘sweethearts with humorous character’.



After studying Industrial Design together at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, Sara Ebert and Jason Pfaeffle came together to make Cofield studio. They have since been creating small graphic household pieces and jewellery with experimental materials. Last year the duo introduced their abstract Patina clock collection in two-toned oxidised copper and brass. For 2015 they have gone one step further and just released a more intensely corroded colour for the geometric clock. A combination of green and blue come together in the ruined bronze plate which is mounted on hardwood to be hung on the wall. The Patina is also available in desktop version and the studio is set to release bottle openers in the same oxidised stain.


Arte Veneziana / Rivalto Home
Price on request

Experts in glass and mirrors, Venetian manufacturers Arte Veneziana have recently established Rivalto Home - a new research brand which launched in Salone del Mobile this year. Taking their traditional and specialist hand in creating quality glass pieces, they have concieved this geometrical mirror and valet stand. Made from a mix of marble, polished brass and gloss black lacquer, the piece adopts multiple angles with the hexagonal mirror, golden stands and rectangular marble base.

Rounded Metal Planters

Brook & Lyn
Small planter $1,150

Brook & Lyn founded in 2009 and has travelled from East forming in New York and moved West Coast, settling their studio in LA. Since experiencing the Californian dessert lifestyle, the husband-wife duo have set to create cosy homes for the robust plants that live in the hot and harsh conditions. They have produced these handmade curvaceous metal planters taking inspiration from the shape of succulents of the desert. In contrast to cacti and other sharp plants, the cylinders are smooth, shiny and slightly feminine in pastel hues such as, pale grey and subtle beige; they are also available in an assortment of sizes.

Matchbox Cover

By Lassen
Cover from £14

Keeping in line with the refined simplicity of the 1962-designed Kubus candle, By Lassen maintains its form for elegant aesthetic minimalism with a new line of matchbox covers. The Copenhagen-based brand has given the humble object a more ornamental, decorative face by covering their rough paper structures. The elegant little piece exists in three forms – powder-coated black and white, and a brass-plated iteration – which slide carefully over the box. In addition, the brand has also revealed a set of purposefully decorative matchboxes, printed with original geometric designs created by Mogens and Flemming Lassen.

'Ora' mirror

Zoe Mowat

Montreal-based Quebequienne designer Zoe Mowat just presented her Ora Mirror series, giving a bi-dimensional shape to her colour-rich designs. The designer’s first experiment with a flat surface features all the elements usually recurring in her work, from a brave use of colour and material to her penchant for asymmetric compositions. The mirrors’ round shape is framed by a subtle coloured edge, with further curved details made of mismatched pieces of brass, marble and stained wood, giving the mirror a light, floating appearance.


Martin Mestmacher / GObyMM

Designer Martin Mestmacher launched GObyMM with long-term business partner Bodo Niklas in 2014. Their pieces are sophisticated compositions that focus on shape research as the basis for furniture pieces and updated lifestyle objects. The COM:POS:ITION 2.2 is a large-scale wardrobe accessory which functions as a clothes rack, mirror and holder of small objects. The black powder coated steel frame holds a simple round mirror and a drawer made of oak timber, each element arranged in asymmetry with the other and with the structure. 'The single components are individual, different and asymmetric but all together considered in balance,' says the designer, who created the piece in a series of three different compositions.

'Goncen' lamp

William Pianta / Nahoor
Price on request

Designer William Pianta’s desire to re-interpret the values of Italian design language and explore light's functions resulted in Nahoor, a brand that produces small collections of subtly modern pieces made by artisans. Pianta’s Goncen light is an outdoor table light inspired by lanterns, available as a wireless lamp with a rechargeable LED as well as a wired version which reproduces a more natural candlelight. The minimal metal base (available in chromed or brushed brass as well as shiny or matte black and white painted versions) is attached to a handle which forms the piece’s silhouette, holding a frosted Murano glass dome.

Bialik dressing unit

David Amar

Originating from a private commission for a house in Tel Aviv, David Amar’s Bialik collection combines a vintage eclectic style with modern flair. The collection revolves around a central dressing unit, while also including a daybed and four benches, which double as low shelving units. The dressing unit is a free-standing structure of three powder-coated steel frames connected to a dark cast concrete base. A full-length mirror, dressing table and screen swivel around the base, affording a flexible set-up. The Bialik collection is an archetypal example of Amar’s design style: the RCA graduate has developed a series of projects that show a strong sensibility for structural shapes with an asymmetric identity, accompanied by a sapient and bold use of colour.

'Robe' valet stand

Markus Kraus

The furniture of Hamburg-based designer Markus Kraus focuses on a limited range of colours and materials, which he combines to produce his spare, minimal forms. The Robe valet stand, which Kraus presented at this year's Salone Satellite, comes in white lacquered or natural wood with steel elements, and is inspired by the way we casually hang clothes on the back of a chair. The valet’s sculptural composition appears as a random structure at first, with wooden panels of different widths and heights arranged in a triangle for hanging different garments, and a tray in the middle for storing smaller items.

'BAR' tap

Natalino Malasorti / CEA

Inspired by essential geometric forms and lines, the design of the 'BAR' tap was conceived by Natalino Malasorti to appear timeless and essential, combining a robust smoothness with an elegant flow. Italian stainless steel specialist CEA developed the tap with a new waterfall jet concept, offering enhanced water saving and hygiene benefits through mixers equipped with hydro progressive ceramic cartridges. Made of stainless steel and available in both satin and polished finishes, the BAR progresses Malasorti’s legacy of clean design, combining intuitive functionality with discreet sophistication.

'Miss Marble Jar'

Lorenza Bozzoli

Marble has been making its way into all corners of design – along with its opulent existence on walls and floors, it is increasingly being used as an experimental material for smaller objects. Released during Salone del Mobile was this 'Miss Marble Jar', created by Milanese designer Lorenza Bozzoli. Available to buy at design boutique Spazio Pontaccio, the multi-purpose container has a functional shape for everyday use. However, its form is made precious through the alternating colours and materials – block white Carrara is used for the body and black Marquina for the lid, the two then bound together with a thin brass latch.

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Nigel Coates / Nude
From £22.50

British architect Nigel Coates has designed these curvaceous glasses to enhance the taste of wine. Created for Turkish glassware brand Nude, the collection titled ‘Headsup’ – a nod to the slightly anthropomorphic forms of the pieces – includes wine glasses, champagne flutes and tumblers. The chalice-style pieces are carefully carved, with a graduated structure that is larger on top to ‘open up and oxygenate’ the liquid – a design that affords the wine a fuller flavour. 'Headsup' was designed during a six day workshop organised by ‘Glass is Tomorrow’, an association that draws together global experts in the centuries old art of glass making.

Bagno di Colore Glazes

CreativeLab+ / Ceramica Globo

Wave goodbye to the all-white bathroom with high-performing coloured glazes for ceramics. Designed to enhance the collections of Ceramica Globo, including Claesson Koivisto Rune’s ‘Forty3’ basins (pictured), the 14 glazes range from matt greys to petrol green.

'Nick’ bed

Luca Nichetto / Molteni & C

Balance and proportion make great sleeping partners in Italian designer Luca Nichetto’s latest creation for Molteni & C. Available in a vast array of leather and textile upholstery options; the bed’s padded frame is anchored by a svelte chrome-plated structure.

‘Argento’ flatware

Gae Aulenti / Design Memorabilia
$50 for set of five

The late Gae Aulenti was better known for her large-scale architectural and interior design work on museums, but she was equally adept at applying her unique aesthetic sensibility to furniture and product design, combining attractive silhouettes with stark simplicity, such as in this cutlery set, designed back in 1970. The set has now been re-launched as part of a series of re-editions under the Design Memorabilia banner. The brainchild of entrepreneur and design curator George M Beylerian, this collection celebrates the best Italian design of the post-World War II era.

‘Separè’ dividers

Revesz + Tatangelo / Mingardo

A passion for metalwork is the driving force of young artisan Daniele Mingardo, who learned the craft in his father’s workshop and turned the 40-year-old family company into a design laboratory. Mingardo’s latest collection, created in collaboration with local and international designers, gives a new lightness to brass and iron. The collection’s highlight is this pair of multi-functional dividers by designers Omri Revesz and Damian Tatangelo.

‘Open’ handle

Rem Koolhaas / Olivari
Price on request

Century-old door-handle company Olivari has seen an illustrious portfolio of designers, including Joe Colombo, Vico Magistretti and Piero Lissoni, ofer it their take on the humble door handle. Now it is enriching its design stable with a trio of new collaborators: Rem Koolhaas, Zaha Hadid and Marcel Wanders. Koolhaas’ take reduces the door handle to its primordial elements: hub and lever, creating a no-fuss mechanical design delivered in a variety of metal finishes.