Design Miami 2015

As the world's design and art communities embark on their annual five-day sojourn to Florida's balmy climes to attend Design Miami (2 – 6 December), we bring you the most exciting happenings from the city's rapidly developing Design District…

Design Miami 2015: in pictures

  • Galerie Patrick Seguin can always be counted on for presenting an obscure mid-century modern gem and this year did not disappoint with the gallery's showing of a pre-fabricated military shelter designed by Jean Prouvé in 1939. Thanks to an order by General Dumontier, head of the 5th army, for 300 small housing units that could accomodate 4-12 people and be assembled in record time (click above to watch the time lapse), Prouvé's atelier adapted an external framing system which he designed for a holiday camp to suit the new needs. The studio eventually produced several hundred of the 4 metre x 4 metre shelters, which followed the 5th army during the early months of the war. The hut presented at Design Miami served as the gatekeeper's hut. Photography courtesy of Galerie Patrick Seguin

  • Louis Vuitton's sensational Objets Nomades collection, which is formed by foldable furniture and travel accessories from the minds of Maarten Baas, the Campana Brothers and Patricia Urquiola, welcomed a new addition in Miami  last week: a sensual loungechair by Marcel Wanders that folds away just as stylishly. Like the collection's 17 other objects, the loungechair is made according to Louis Vuitton's luxurious, time-honoured methods and articulates the house's legacy of producing special orders, albeit with a contemporary spin.  

  • Gluckman Tang's 'Model Art Pavilion', as featured in our Design Miami 2015 preview formed part of Revolution Pre-Crafted Properties, curated by gallerist/collector Edward Tyler Nahem and real estate developer/collector Robbie Antonio. Photography courtesy of Gluckman Tang

  • Thanks to a week-long collaboration with Artsy, the Nautilus hotel (part of the Sixty Hotels group) not only received a site-specific pool painting by Katherine Bernhardt, but also displayed an awning treatment by Eddie Peake, sculptures by Dan Colen and Nick van Woert, and this mural (pictured) by Mira Dancy to prove that art really is all around us. Photography: Silvia Ros for Artsy

  • Although the weather in Miami could have been a little more cooperative, Airbnb's outdoor pavillion fulfilled its purpose as a convivial resting space with a roster of thought-provoking (or just plain fun) programming to boot. As previously revealed, the whimsical installation Belong. Here. Now. was designed by the Chicago-based architecture firm Design With Company and provided a backdrop for the ongoing discussion about hybridisation in the creative sphere. From modular lunches and karaoke performances to interactive art performances and more esoetric conversations about art and technology, there was truly someone for everyone.

  • Espasso can always be counted on to produce something special. Pitching up in the penthouse of the Shore Club again, the design gallery joined efforts with Rio de Janiero's Arte Club Jacaranda to bring a special selection of Brazilian art pieces into the mix. Amongst the many highlights in the show, which included new lighting by Claudia Moreira Salles, seating by Oscar Neimeyer and new artworks by Osklen's Oskar Metsavaht, was a new, sprawling mural by the veteran artist Carlos Vergara (pictured) that made the most of the penthouse's views. Photography: Eliseu Cavalcante

  • Winner of this year's Design Miami/ Design Visionary Award, Yves Behar has been presented the prize by luxury watch brand Panerai for his contribution to design across the sector, from humanitarian work to his holistic approach. In honour of this, an onsite exhibition called 'Connecting'  displays many of the important projects he has worked on over the years and features original sketches alongside prototypes in an indepth exploration of the Swiss designer. Photography: James Harris

  • When you've been in business for over 35 years, tooting your own horn can become a little boring. 'The idea of producing a historical document chronicling project after project seemed rather... well, dull,' say George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg in the foreword of their latest project - a biannual volume of inspirations titled Y.P. Instead, the Toronto and New York-based design firm has turned the spotlight on who and what they find inspiring. The inaugural Y.P. edition which explores the theme of 'Transformation', includes profiles of the Haas Brothers, pictured, and the silversmith Gianfranco Pampaloni, a studio visit with the artist Yutaka Sone in Los Angeles and a interview with the hospitality team at The Upper House in Hong Kong, thus bridging Yabu Pushelberg's wide range of interests with glossy photographs to boot. With only 2,500 copies produced, the first issue launched at Art Basel Miami Beach at the Miami Beach Edition Hotel, which was also designed by the firm. Photography courtesy of Yabu Pushelberg

  • Presented under Design Miami’s Design Curio banner, The Future Perfect have bought together Dutch furniture designer Lex Pott and the Brooklyn-based firm, Calico Wallpaper to make this series of monolithic furniture pieces called 'Fragments'. The pieces are produced using stone from a single quarry and custom-designed chromatic wall covering, incorporating pulverised minerals in its pigments by Calico Wallpaper.

  • Packing a powerful punch are Atelier Biagetti's newest addition to their Body Building Collection: the KO punchbag and Peso handweight. The Solo Show by Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari, presented by the Secondome gallery and curated by Maria Cristina Didero follows on from their huge success at Salone del Mobile earlier this year. Rocky star Sylvester Stallone has already been spotted eyeing up the gleaming KO bag and our very own WallpaperSTORE* is exclusively stocking the 4kg, leather-upholstered hand weights too. Worth the weight, we'd say...

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