Wedding tiaras to bring an edge to bridal wear

Wedding tiaras from Chaumet, Tasaki, Bibi van der Velden and Christopher Thompson-Royds will elevate a wedding dress

Dress, £1,295, by Christopher Kane. ‘Garland’ white gold tiara with akoya pearls and diamonds, price on request, by Tasaki. Fashion: Jason Hughes. Jewellery: Hannah Silver
(Image credit: Josh David Payne)

Wedding tiaras bring a regal edge to the romance of a wedding dress. Whether making a statement with whimsical silhouettes, or embracing the delicacy of luminescent pearls, opt for a tiara that can elevate a gown from beautiful to bridal.

If classic connotations are your bag, be seduced by the tantalisingly traditional design codes woven through Chaumet’s ‘Laurier’ head ornament. The tiara, which draws the laurel plant – rich in historical references – in brilliant-cut diamonds, brilliantly sparkles when paired with the joyful glitz of a Paco Rabanne gown.

woman wearing diamond tiara

Dress, £4,370, by Paco Rabanne. ‘Laurier’ white gold head ornament with brilliant-cut diamonds, £42,500, by Chaumet

(Image credit: Josh David Payne)

For a spikier silhouette, consider Bibi van der Velden, who studs the peaks of her ‘Kryptonite’ tiara in brown diamonds, making it a sleek choice for the streamlined elegance of an Asceno jacket and dress.

Just as modern are the curved brass poppies of Christopher Thompson-Royds’ ‘Opium’ crown. Here, traditional flower references are turned on their head, their ephemeral nature given a permanence which makes this a chic and appropriate mark of lasting commitment. Paired with the overblown silhouettes of Molly Goddard Bridal, it is appealingly unexpected.

For a softer look, lean in to the radiance of Tasaki’s ‘Garland’ tiara, which frames akoya pearls in diamonds for a chic play on angles and curves, making a classic foil for the edgy frills of a Christopher Kane wedding dress.

Woman wearing tiara and white suit jacket

Jacket, £675; dress, £485, both by Asceno. ‘Kryptonite’ silver tiara with brown diamonds, £4,000, by Bibi van der Velden

(Image credit: Josh David Payne)

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Whether it’s pairing the cool metal hues of a rose gold wristwatch with the billowing folds of an In-Grid Bride gown, or juxtaposing a luminescent Mikimoto pearl brooch against the mischievous polka dots of a Dunhill shirt, brides and grooms are sure to find something style wise to love. Wedding guests, too, take note: our chic and sculptural guide to timeless gifting puts the days of mismatched china long behind us, making for a very modern take on wedded bliss.

‘Opium’ poppy crown in brass

Dress, price on request, by Molly Goddard Bridal. ‘Opium’ poppy crown in brass, £950, by Christopher Thompson Royds

(Image credit: Josh David Payne)


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