A play with texture and fascination with form characterises Patcharavipa Bodiratnangkura’s jewellery, which draws tantalisingly textured forms in 18ct gold. It is a sensual philosophy carried through to the new ‘Lignes d’Été Couture’ collection, which unites rings, watches and a combination of the two in a rethinking of classic horological codes.

Rings, in 18ct white or yellow gold, are punctuated with clear sugar-loaf emeralds or candyfloss-pink tourmalines cradled in thickly drawn gold or strung onto smooth beads.

silver vintage watch customised by Patcharavipa

Patcharavipa worked with partner Kenzi Harleman on sourcing the new watch pieces. ‘Kenzi is always on the hunt to discover and find intricate old designs inspired by our current jewellery lines,’ she says. ‘Neither of us particularly wears watches, but it’s so fun to work with these amazing pieces of art. The 1970s designs are so interesting – [their designers] were not scared to try something different, and weren’t trying to please the market. All the watches are different, so we are adapting and creating something new every time.’

The watches in the new collection include a vintage Piaget Polo model, a Patek Philippe and a rare Rolex, all of which have been customised in Patcharavipa’s distinctive style. ‘We love to work around the original patina of each piece. I think it makes them unique and gives them a feel of an old, found treasure. Some of our watches will have some oxidation forming or the dial might be cracked: it gives them a one-of-a-kind look.’

Harleman also sourced delicately sized Rolex watches, which have become a series of rings. ‘We wanted to experiment with them,’ Patcharavipa adds. ‘We developed about five different models, beautiful, textured signet rings, trying to make them as comfortable and wearable as possible.

‘The main challenge was to really start from zero. It took us a few months to create and adjust the watch cases, to have a perfect fit and have the watches secured. The hardest part was customising the bezel side, as all these watches are manual winding, so there needs to be easy access so you can rewind them every day.’ §

gold watch
gold ring