Boghossian’s new collection rewrites traditional jewellery codes

The Remarkable collection embraces an eclectic mesh of stones for compelling results

Heart-shaped diamonds and opal earrings
Heart-shaped diamonds and opal earrings with, left, fancy vivid orangy yellow diamond with green opal and, right, white diamond with blue Australian opal
(Image credit: TBC)

Disregarding traditional high jewellery etiquette, Albert Boghossian’s eponymous jewellery brand rethinks rare and exceptional gems. His innovative settings of heavy, globular stones means they appear to hover magically, as if in thin air. The results, when paired with a host of unexpected materials – think carbon mesh, titanium deposits and fibreglass – are always surprising.

The new Remarkable collection nods to and builds on what came before. A diamond, turquoise, lapis and mother-of-pearl bracelet references the Samarkand bracelet, part of 2018’s Silk high jewellery collection, and now converted into blue hues. Blues are a theme which run throughout: a spectacular moonstone cuff, when paired with diamonds, emeralds and quartz beads, riffs on this aquatic colour spectrum, incorporating barely-there tones from transparent to translucent. Smoky moonstone makes an appearance in several of the collection’s jewels: ‘Our latest attraction to moonstone has to do with their nature and that blue hue that covers its surface and gives it a very poetic colouring touch,’ Boghossian explains. ‘It is quite an unused stone in the industry and few are those who dare enough to use them.’

Other pieces embrace movement – in a pair of ruby and diamond earrings, the use of the ‘tremblant’ effect, where tiny springs cause the stones to ‘tremble,’ frees them from rigidity. Colour is bold throughout, effectively embraced in the clash of the diamonds and opals earrings. ‘First there is the contrast between the surfaces of the opals and diamonds, and also with the contrasts of colours of course, with a green opal and blue opal,’ says Boghsossian. ‘We also sought to enhance certain hues and tonalities within the opal with the central diamonds we used. We have played with contrasts to create something truly unique and different.’

Sugarloaf moonstone, emerald and diamond bangle

Sugarloaf moonstone, emerald and diamond bangle with a 93.13 cts sugarloaf moonstone surrounded by flat emerald cabochons on a bangle of quartz beads and small emeralds 

(Image credit: TBC)

Ceylon sapphire and moonstone set with round-shaped old-cut diamonds

’Kissing’ diamond, ceylon sapphire and moonstone set with round-shaped old-cut diamonds set over Ceylon sapphires, surrounded by cabochon moonstones. With a 13.28 cts sapphire briolette

(Image credit: TBC)


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