Boghossian high jewellery in sorbet shades puts us in the mood for summer

Boghossian’s multicoloured gemstone and diamond high jewellery set plays on pastel hues

Boghossian high jewellery necklace and earrings worn by model
Boghossian Multi-Colour Gemstone and Diamond Set, with semi-precious stones in pastels, including aquamarines, morganites and green tourmalines with white diamonds in 18 Karat white gold; price on request
(Image credit: Joanna Wzorek)

Geneva-based high jewellery brand Boghossian brings a subversive subtlety to designs that riff off both sharp technical expertise and truly luscious gems. The brand is famously audacious in its choice of design methods, in the past carving priceless gemstones into intricate forms and hovering stones in invisible settings so they appear to float, magically, in thin air.

Here, a geometric clash and a play on pastels add an edge to an earrings-and-necklace suite of aquamarines, morganites and green tourmalines. Cast in sorbet shades and sensually laced in diamonds, this is hedonistic high jewellery for summer and beyond.

Boghossian high jewellery and innovative technicality

The jewellery suite nods to the intricate technicality that has always defined the brand’s pieces, and Boghossian’s unique techniques are well-respected in the world of high jewellery.

The company’s innovative patented Merveilles technique is a unique example: ‘We have made it possible for diamonds to be set on all sides of a jewel, as if they were floating on a nearly invisible metal structure,’ Boghossian managing partner Roberto Boghossian has explained. ‘This revolutionary technique brings brightness to a whole new level because there is so little gold involved. The diamonds are the ones holding each other and sharing their light,’ he continues.

Other pieces incorporate unexpected materials such as titanium fibre, or play with volume in a tantalising marriage of precious gems and metals. ‘Designing jewellery is like painting with light,’ adds Boghossian.

‘Since gold can act as an obstacle, we aim to find new ways to part away from it as much as possible. This has been the case in all our innovative techniques: finding the best settings to enhance the gems – allowing them to shine freely. With titanium fibre, the material used is so delicate yet airy, which gives this appearance of lightness and fluidity.’

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