Contemporary Parisian chic in the heart of New York seems somewhat juxtaposed, but that’s before you see Cantine Parisienne. Located in au courant NoLIta, it is the brainchild of restaurateur duo Maxime Paul-Mercier (of Villa Pacri in the Meat Packing District) and Stephan Jauslin (of NoLIta’s Tartinery). Designed by architect Guy Reziciner, the man behind the schoolroom-inspired M. Wells Dinette at MoMA, the space is light-filled, with thoughtfully selected white marble tables, chrome details and pops of vibrant blue and red. The menu, by chef Marcel Angez, comprises a mix of French classics and refined American grub: think tartare de saumon alongside chicken club sandwiches and a homemade New York cheesecake. Open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner - and into the wee hours at weekends - this new hangout will no doubt sit atop NoLIta’s ever-hot hotlist.