Following the success of Superette café in Cape Town’s semi-industrial Woodstock neighbourhood, entrepreneurs Cameron Munro and Justin Rhodes have this time joined forces with furniture designer and close friend Gregor Jenkin to create The Golden, the area’s first designer watering hole. The touch of Jenkin - the first South African to exhibit at Design Miami - is never more apparent than in his choice of colouring; his signature deep grey-blue is complemented by wood wall cladding, flashes of gold on the rims of glasses and an enormous Marlin head mounted in one corner. Far from being cold, the monochromatic uniformity creates a smart yet understated elegance, as if each item is a reinvented classic made in metal instead of wood. ’Removing the distraction of colour allows me to delve deeper into the objects I design,’ says Jenkin. ’It challenges me to find more interesting answers and solutions.’