Located in the fashionable area of Śródmieście, within Warsaw’s central district, Autor Rooms was conceived by local creative and graphic agency Mamastudio in a bid to provide tasteful lodgings for visiting friends. ‘We have always had problems finding accommodation for our friends from abroad,’ says the studio’s creative director Michael Pawlik. ‘Se we decided to open our own small hotel.’ Occupying a 19th century residential building, the hotel – designed by Polish architect Mateusz Baumiller – comprises just four rooms and one central living area, and kitchen where guests can enjoy a curated selection of books and vinyl records or simply cook dinner together. Sleek rooms are furnished with an eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary pieces by local designers and studios, that include marble tables and cosy blankets from Beza Projekt and decorative tiles from Purpura.  Artwork meanwhile has been curated by Warsaw-based Starter Gallery and is available for guests to purchase.