Eugène-Eugène — Paris, France

Eugène-Eugène Square tables with weaved chairs in a row
(Image credit: Yan Der)

Located in Puteaux, an area just outside of Paris, Eugène-Eugène is not hard to miss, for it occupies an imposing glass and metal structure, which used to be a commercial greenhouse.

Making the most of the vast light-filled space, Olivier Marty and Karl Fournier of local outfit Studio KO, have stuck to their design DNA and created a space that pays tribute to the building’s former life, while bringing in a sense of considered modernism. As such, lush greenery is dotted throughout the room, while hanging pot plants preside over a central green marble bar. This is surrounded by various seating areas - that are subdivided into zones by latticework partitions - to include cosy niches with low bamboo sofas and seagrass rugs, a private dining alcove and covered open outdoor terraces. 

Continuing with the theme, there is a kitchen garden on the back terrace, where the chef grows herbs for an all-day menu using fresh, seasonal produce. We suggest a long, lazy Sunday brunch before heading back to the hustle and bustle of Paris’ inner city.

Eugène-Eugène Corner leather booth with 2 freestanding chairs next to cottage doors

(Image credit: Yan Der)

Eugène-Eugène Wooden back paneling with tone tiling

(Image credit: Yan Der)

Eugène-Eugène island bar with high bar stools, overhead fixture with surround lighting

(Image credit: Yan Der)

Eugène-Eugène multiple low hanging lighting above communal table setting

(Image credit: Yan Der)

Eugène-Eugène soft lighting fixture for cosy feel

(Image credit: Yan Der)


38-40 Rue Eugène Eichenberger

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