Nejen Bistro
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One of the newest arrivals amongst the pleasant plethora of good-looking eateries and drink spots that have been transforming Prague’s Karlin district, this bistro has further solidified the area as one of the city’s most happening hotspots. Warmed by oak floors, exposed brick, ceramic patchwork tiling and clustered bulb light fixtures that provide an inviting glow by night, Nejen Bistro, or Not Only as its name translates, embraces the industrial Karlin minimalist aesthetic. ‘Just like the meals,’ says Martin Senberger, principal of Mar.s Architects who are behind the design, ‘the interior is clean without unnecessary additives.’

As such, fresh, seasonal ingredients from local farmers form the basis of the constantly changing menu. But the real star of the show is the bistro’s Josper Grill where meats from Australia, North America and Brazil reap the benefits of this renowned dual oven appliance. It comes as no surprise that amongst the owners, a group of friends ranging from restaurant owners to wine importers, is chef Martin Císar, a butcher by background.

Restaurant dining area

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Ceramic patch work

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Wooden table

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Beautiful interiors

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