For literally millennia, Guilin has seduced Chinese poets and artists alike with its uncompromising gorgeous tableau of massive mountains, wooded glens, antique villages and deep river-cut valleys.

Against this backdrop, Blossom Dreams overcomes the overblown Chinoiserie of its moniker with an understated, almost austere space by Shenzhen-based Co-Direction Interior Design. Simple lines dominate, the flourishes confined to internal courtyards bordered by tall bamboo stands, and filigreed timber screens that draw the eye down long white-floored corridors. Each of the 26 rooms – decorated in black brushed stainless steel, marble and white stone – is anchored by floor-to-ceiling windows that frame the mist-cloaked craggy mountain-scape which, for the adventurous, is the perfect cue for a spot of cycling and rock-climbing.

This far north, it’s a little unusual that the kitchen, headed by Song Shaowei, turns out Cantonese fare in the ground floor dining room, though there’s no gainsaying the quality of the marinated goose.