Bedroom in Hotel Monville
(Image credit: TBC)

For pundits speculating about what the future of luxury hospitality might look like, Hotel Monville is perhaps a sign of things to come. 

Though billed as a four-star hotel, the 269-room property in Montréal’s Quartier International neighbourhood is a savvy mix of DIY services including smart car charging docks, electronic check-in kiosks and, literally, robotic room service; and bespoke touches by way of all natural bathroom toiletries by Oneka, lobby artwork by the photographer Valérie Jodoin Keaton, and Frank and Oak-designed staff uniforms. 

Best of all, even during the city’s notoriously bleak winters, the hotel is awash with light, courtesy of architects acdf* who installed floor-to-ceiling windows and lofty interiors. Meanwhile, the house restaurant offers a tasty spread of grab-and-go lunchboxes, though it’s equally tempting to linger over the Miss Piggy, a burger stacked with a Gaspor minced pork patty, marinated onions and grilled leeks; or the local favourite, poutine. 

Robotic room service

(Image credit: Valérie Jodoin Keaton)

Floor-to-ceiling windows and lofty interiors

(Image credit: Valérie Jodoin Keaton)

Lobby artwork by the photographer Valerie Jodoin Keaton

(Image credit: Valérie Jodoin Keaton)

Lobby of the Hotel Monville

(Image credit: Valérie Jodoin Keaton)




1041 Rue de Bleury


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