Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. Here’s our selection of what’s new and notable in the world of consumer technology, from flexible plugs to purifying pitchers, smart storage, and new ways of brewing up. 

01. Barisieur Grande

Barisieur Grande coffee machine

We’re big fans of Joy Resolve’s collection of lab kit-style coffee- and tea-making machines, the Barisieur range. The latest addition to the family is the Barisieur Grande, a two-cup version of the classic original that amps up the capacity (handy for couples) while retaining the same mad-scientist-meets-Scandi-modern aesthetic. Capable of brewing both tea and coffee, as well as use paper filters for the latter, the Grande also has chilled milk storage. The 450ml capacity should be enough to kickstart any day.  

Barisieur Grande, from £395, details via 


02. Mieum UC01 Universal Charger

Mieum UC01 Universal Charger
Mieum UC01 Universal Charger

Mieum’s UC01 is the answer to the frequent traveller’s prayers, an all-in-one universal charger that has been carefully thought out and isn’t as big as a brick. The UC01 is a Rams-esque 50mm cube of plastic with a set of sliding prongs that make it suitable for charging in over 190 countries around the world. 

Mieum UC01, from $99,


03. Toneoptic rpm record cabinet

Toneoptic rpm record cabinet
Toneoptic rpm record cabinet

For some collectors, vinyl storage and display is almost as important as playing the records themselves. California-based company Toneoptic have devised a mechanical solution that’ll satisfy the needs of display and function. The rpm cabinet is a wall-mounted unit designed to house between 60 and 75 records (with internal dividers that allow for 7”, 10”, and 12” to be stored). The vinyl is displayed spine outwards, placed upon a drawer with a rotating mechanism that spins the discs round through 90 degrees when you pull it open. Then you can flick through the discs to your heart’s content, before pushing them back into storage. 

Toneoptic rpm cabinet, $3,700,


04. DustMagnet by Blueair

DustMagnet by Blueair

The latest domestic device from Swedish manufacturer Blueair is the DustMagnet, a boosted air filter that not just strains out allergens like pollen, but actually cuts down on the amount of airborne dust in your house. Designed to double up as an occasional table, the DustMagnet is for anyone who sees little spiralling galaxies of cat hair every time a ray of sunshine enters a room. Voice and app control come as standard. 

DustMagnet, from £379,


05. LARQ water pitcher

LARQ water pitcher
LARQ water pitcher

The LARQ Pitcher is a water jug with built-in ultra-violet filtration (UV-C LED). Building on the company’s established sustainable water bottles, the Pitcher has a two-stage system that also includes a plant-based replaceable filter to transform tap water into ultra-healthy drinking water. Water quality varies dramatically all over the world, as does the size of refrigerators. If the latter is large enough – and your plumbing is in a bit of a state – the LARQ Pitcher is a great way to cut down on plastic use. 

LARQ Pitcher, £125.00,


06. Briiv Air Filter

briiv air filter

The new Briiv air filter ticks every box in the contemporary tech sapace; quirky spelling, sharp design, and bold claims. Resembling a compact desktop biome, the Briiv is a three-stage air filter that uses a combination of moss, coconut and carbon silk to trap all sizes of airborne particulate. Made from 90% recycled materials, including the filters themselves, briiv’s makers claim it has filtering abilities that are ‘as powerful as 3,043 medium size houseplants.’§ 

Briiv Air Filter, £299,