CES 2024: truly all the tech you need and then some

The best tech of CES 2024, from next-level laptops to mindful mirrors, audacious audio and more innovation than you can shake a smart bot at

LG Smart Home AI Agent: among the best of CES 2024
LG Smart Home AI Agent
(Image credit: LG)

CES 2024 – the Consumer Electronics Show – has left the Las Vegas Convention centre for another year, so it’s time to reflect on the chaos, hype and bluster of the event. Did anything truly deliver on technology’s evergreen promise of a better future? Here’s our selection of gadgets with promise and desirable devices, as well as the occasional curveball from the future that didn’t quite convince. Around 1,400 different start-ups vied for attention alongside established brands, old and new, an indication of how hardware has become the new software.

Voyage MagSafe charger by Native Union

Voyage MagSafe charger by Native Union 

(Image credit: Native Union)

Whether or not this means there’s a bubble in need of bursting is another matter. The current trend for injecting AI into everything from cars to dog wellbeing products shows the breadth of enthusiasm for the technology, even if its actual aims and benefits are harder to discern. Likewise, the domestic robotics industry is still waiting for its killer app.

HP Spectre Fold Laptop

HP Spectre Fold Laptop

(Image credit: HP)

This year, there was even a ‘Gallery of Flops’, a self-referential Salon des Refusés of commercially catastrophic ideas. Although most of the featured products were little more than tiny bumps in the road for major corporations (the Microsoft Zune, Amazon’s Fire Phone, the Nintendo Virtual Boy), start-ups see shows like CES as very much a life or death situation. We’ve already reported from CES 2024 to delve into the car industry’s many and varied takes on tomorrow’s tech, as well as the fast-growing beauty tech market. Scroll down to see our broader selection of the ideas and products that caught our eye, from wearables to smart mirrors, laptops and loudspeakers.

CES 2024: New tech for the home of tomorrow

Samsung Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot Combo

Scrub up: Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot Combo

(Image credit: Samsung)

Robotic vacuum cleaners have been a staple of tech shows for decades and are still the most successful and practical kind of domestic droid. If you’ve the right kind of space (open and uncluttered), then devices like Samsung’s new Bespoke Jet Bot Combo are a perfect match. The ubiquitous AI features include the ability to detect different flooring types and switch between scrubbing, sweeping and sucking depending on the surface, as well as a stain-detecting system. If the little puck-like Bot finds a dubious mark, it’ll scuttle back to its clean station to heat its spinning mop pads and then return to tackle the problem. 

Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot Combo, available soon, Samsung.com

Airthings Renew

Renew air purifier by Airthings

It's a breeze: Renew air purifier by Airthings

(Image credit: Airthings)

Quiet and unimposing, just as you’d hope, the new Airthings Renew air purifier is perfect for bedrooms and home offices. The compact grey cube was designed in Norway and has the power to filter out up to 99.7 per cent of fine airborne particles. It also syncs with the Airthings app to help you track, trace and clean up the quality of your indoor air. 

Airthings Renew air purifier, £349.99, Airthings.com

Anura MagicMirror from NuraLogix

Anura MagicMirror

Looking glass: Anura MagicMirror

(Image credit: Anura)

Designed to works in harmony with the Canadian company’s Anura app, which apparently provides ‘medical-grade measurements using data gathered from a 30-second video selfie’, the MagicMirror is a digital fit-check for your mental state. Meditech companies often claim far-reaching diagnostic capabilities, but if it works, the rectangular mirror requires you to sit still and gaze into its 21.5-inch screen; beneath the surface are AI-powered sensors that’ll run a report on your vital signs. 

Anura MagicMirror, concept only, Nuralogix.ai

BMind Smart Mirror from Baracoda

BMind Smart Mirror from Baracoda

Mirror, mirror on the wall: BMind Smart Mirror from Baracoda

(Image credit: Baracoda)

More about mindfulness than raw analytics, the BMind Smart Mirror is intended to give you a lift, not probe your inner workings. More AI is at play, sifting through a database of expressions and gestures to get a sense of how you appear to be and respond with light, sound and projected display. Described as an ‘AI-driven virtual mindfulness coach’, it’s a fairytale device brought to life.

Baracoda BMind Smart Mirror, concept only, Baracoda.com

LG’s Smart Home AI agent

LG Smart Home AI Agent

Smart bot: LG Smart Home AI Agent

(Image credit: LG)

LG’s Labs division crammed a lot of smart home devices into its CES 2024 display, including its Bon Voyage camping trailer. This little robot was also on show, intended as an AI-driven companion that also serves as a security guard and pet monitor. With the ability to detect faces and parse speech, the nameless bot is friendly enough for the home but could also serve as an all-round mobile monitoring station for a workplace. 

LG Smart Home AI Agent, concept only, LG.com

Personal tech: new devices for a data-heavy lifestyle

Sony XR Headset

Sony XR Headset

Sensory immersion: Sony XR Headset

(Image credit: Sony)

With Apple’s Vision Pro poised for launch, Sony is one of many competitors hoping to get in on the augmented reality bandwagon. The XR Headset features twin 4K OLED microdisplays as well the see-through functionality offered by the Vision Pro. An array of six cameras and sensors help guide you through physical space, while control systems include a wearable ring and a pointing controller. Although aimed primarily at product designers and architects, the applications are potentially limitless. 

Sony XR Headset, price and availability tbc, Sony.net

Lotus Ring

Lotus Ring

Wielding control: Lotus Ring

(Image credit: Lotus)

Micro-wearables are a burgeoning market. Lotus’ Ring is perhaps the simplest of the lot. This finger-borne controller doesn’t monitor or measure; it simply controls. Using the same infrared technology as a traditional television remote control, users need to install special light-switch covers. After this, they can simply point at the switch to turn it on or off. Rather than see this as a contemporary version of the Clapper, the company is pitching the Ring as an accessibility aid. 

Lotus Ring, GetLotus.com

Creator Keyboard by Clicks

Creator Keyboard by Click

Smart phones: Creator Keyboard by Clicks

(Image credit: Click)

The Creator Keyboard from Clicks urges you to step back into the distant days of the Blackberry. Essentially an iPhone case with a built-in physical backlit keyboard, the Creator should find favour with anyone who has never quite got the hang of touchscreens, as well as the retro crowd. The bold BumbleBee yellow is the colour of choice if you want to be noticed. 

Creator Keyboard, from $139, Clicks.tech

Rabbit R1 Smart assistant

Rabbit R1 Smart assistant

Hop to it: Rabbit R1 Smart assistant

(Image credit: Rabbit)

Rabbit’s R1 caused quite a stir. Designed in collaboration with Teenage Engineering, the little orange device is intended to supplement your cellphone, providing a way of completing tasks without having to hunt through apps and search screens. How does it work? The Rabbit is a portal to your existing online, app-driven services. Using the Rabbit Hole website, you assign control of your relevant accounts to the pocket-sized square box. From then on, onboard ChatGPT-powered AI (naturally) awaits your command (activated by the push-to-talk button) and will complete your spoken request. An upcoming ‘learn’ mode will let you school the Rabbit on the errands you want to automate. 

Rabbit R1, from $199 plus subscription, Rabbit.tech

Voyage by Native Union

Voyage MagSafe charger by Native Union

Pocket power: Voyage MagSafe charger by Native Union

(Image credit: Native Union)

Voyage is the simplest of devices from Paris-based Native Union, coming soon as part of the company’s new product line-up. An ultra-slim MagSafe charger, the folding, pocketable device opens up to allow you to charge two of the following at once: an iPhone, AirPods or Apple Watch. When not in use, the Voyage snaps together into a circular form factor that’s perfect for travelling. 

Voyage, price tbc, NativeUnion.com

UltraHuman Home

Ultrahuman Home hub

Info source: UltraHuman Home hub

(Image credit: Ultrahuman)

The Ultrahuman Home is a domestic dock for the company’s Ring AIR, a wearable health monitor system. While the Ring AIR can track movement and sleep, the Home adds environmental data, including light and air quality, noise levels, temperature and humidity. The company’s systems can parse and process data from both sources, suggesting ways to make your living space more amenable to a healthier life. 

Ultrahuman Home, available soon, Ultrahuman.com

Nuance Audio glasses from EssilorLuxottica

Nuance Audio Glasses from EssilorLuxottica

Hearware: Nuance Audio glasses from EssilorLuxottica

(Image credit: EssilorLuxottica)

EssilorLuxottica’s portfolio includes just about every eyewear maker you’ve ever heard of. In addition to these, and numerous fashion-focused licensed products, the company has also announced a move into ‘hearing solutions’. Since it acquired specialist company Nuance Hearing, the first fruits of the partnership are these Nuance Audio glasses, which include discreet built-in speakers and microphone to enhance the wearer’s hearing. 

Nuance Audio glasses, coming soon, EssilorLuxottica.com

Laptops that offer next-level computing

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 and G16 laptops

Asus ROG Zephyrus laptop

Creative core: Asus ROG Zephyrus laptop

(Image credit: Asus)

ROG (Republic of Gamers) is laptop maker ASUS’s sub-brand for high-speed, cutting-edge laptops. Aimed at both demanding leisure users wanting to experience the very latest in graphical sophistication and creatives who need power for processing images, video and music, the new ROG Zephyrus machines are available in two sizes, the G14 and G16. The larger G16 has space for up to 4TB of storage and both incorporate laptop graphic processors from NVIDIA and OLED screens. We especially appreciate the slim cases and sober styling.

ROG Zephyrus laptops, ROG.asus.com

HP Spectre Fold laptop by HP

HP Spectre Fold Laptop

Your flexible friend: HP Spectre Fold by HP

(Image credit: HP)

The Spectre Fold is HP’s new flagship, with a price tag to match. This multifunctional computer attempts to the best of every world, combining tablet, laptop and desktop in a single, slender package. The folding 17-inch screen wraps around the neat wireless keyboard; it can be detached to use on its own as a large touchscreen tablet. Dock the keyboard on the lower screen and the Spectre Fold looks like a conventional laptop. Slide the keyboard down to uncover a portion of the lower screen and you have an additional information display and touch point. Alternatively, you can set the screen up as a freestanding display (with built-in stand), transforming the whole outfit into a desktop computer. 

HP Spectre Fold By HP, £4,999, HP.com

Lenovo Yoga Pro 9i laptop

Lenovo Yoga Pro 9i laptop

Power move: Lenovo Yoga Pro 9i laptop

(Image credit: Lenovo)

Lenovo unveiled more machines in its long-running Yoga series of laptops. The Yoga Pro 9i incorporates Dolby Atmos, NVIDIA chipset, and noise-cancelling microphones to accompany the 5MP front-facing camera.

Lenovo Mechanical Energy Harvesting Solution

Ideas generator: Lenovo's Mechanical Energy Harvesting Solution

(Image credit: Lenovo)

The company also previewed what it’s calling the ‘Mechanical Energy Harvesting Solution’, a mechanical keyboard that translates the clicks and clacks of typing into power so that it should, in theory, never need charging. 

Lenovo Yoga Pro 9i, from £1,822, Lenovo.com

Electric bikes and robotic parking create silent streets 

The District Street e-motorbike from Land

District Street by Land

Rugged rider: District Street by Land

(Image credit: Land)

Rugged and pared back, Land’s new District Street e-motorbike has a range of up to 120 miles, a top speed of 70-plus mph and the ability to instantly swap out its battery pack. The brand was started in 2020 and is based in Cleveland, Ohio. The District bike is also available as a Scrambler model for those intent on using it off-road. 

District Street, from £5,615, LandMoto.io

Segway Xyber

Segway Xyber E-bike

Pedal power: Segway Xyber E-bike

(Image credit: Segway)

Billed as an off-road Sport Performance E-bike, Segway’s new Xyber is the very thin end of the e-bike wedge. Pedals mean you can power it yourself, but the main focus is a chunky frame, solid off-road tyres, full-suspension and a high-speed motor with an emphasis on acceleration and torque. 

Segway Xyber, more information at eBike.Segway.com

Parkie Parking Robot from HL Mando

Parkie Parking Robot from HL Mando

Park assist: Parkie Parking Robot from HL Mando

(Image credit: HL Mando)

Parkie is a robot with a singular purpose: to park cars. The flat machine is designed to slide underneath any make or model of car, then hoist it up and move it into a parking space. Designed to operate alone without the need for additional infrastructure, HL Mando’s autonomous robot is designed to maximise tight urban car parks. 

Parking Parking Robot, HL Mando, HLMando.com

Audio innovations to improve your listening experience

FiiO R9 Desktop Music Streamer

FiiO R9 Desktop Music Streamer

Plug and play: FiiO R9 Desktop Music Streamer

(Image credit: FiiO)

FiiO’s new R9 is a desktop digital audio streamer, equipped with practically every available connection to make the most of all forms of streaming music and podcasts. As well as high-performance onboard digital-audio convertors, the R9 can cope with up to 2TB of onboard storage to house even the weightiest mp3 collection, and there’s support for almost every conceivable streaming app via the R9’s customised Android interface. 

FiiO R9, £1,399, FiiO.com

Audio Pro C20 Wireless Active Speaker

Audio Pro C20 Wireless speaker

Subtle soundscapes: Audio Pro C20 Wireless Active Speaker

(Image credit: Audio Pro)

Audio Pro’s elegant C20 is a wireless active speaker designed to be used as a standalone device or in a stereo pair, or as one component of a larger multiroom system. Supporting AirPlay2, Google Cast, TIDAL Connect, and Spotify Connect, there’s also a dedicated input for record players and the ability to double up as a soundbar. Available in Satin White, Grey or Black, the C20 is a minimalist’s dream. 

C20 Wireless Active Speaker, £450, UK.Audiopro.com

Samsung Music Frame

Samsung Music Frame

Display case: Samsung Music Frame

(Image credit: LG)

Buoyed by the success of The Frame television, Samsung showed this conceptual music player that takes a similar approach. In-built high-quality speakers are paired with a high-definition display, perfectly sized for album artwork, or just personal photography or other images. Designed to be used in conjunction with the company’s latest televisions, the Music Frame is also a standalone wireless speaker. A warm reception means the prototype might make it to production. 

Samsung Music Frame, availability tbc, News.Samsung.com

DukeBox by LG Labs

LG DukeBox Music Player

On the tube: DukeBox by LG Labs

(Image credit: LG)

LG Labs also delved into the world of visual audio with the DukeBox concept. The company upped the retro ante by blending traditional vacuum tube audio amplification with its newly released transparent OLED panel technology. Adjustable screen opacity allows the tubes to glow through the front image, which can be used to display films and TV shows as well as artwork and information. 

DukeBox, concept only, LG Labs, LG.com

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