Innovations in beauty tech for 2024, from robot-powered nail art to AI-enhanced make-up

Innovations in beauty tech took centre stage at CES 2024. Laura Feinstein reports for Wallpaper* on a selection of key trends to follow

Innovations in beauty tech showcased at CES 2024 include the Scent-Sation by YSL Beauty
Innovations in beauty tech showcased at CES 2024 include the Scent-Sation by YSL Beauty
(Image credit: Courtesy of YSL Beauty)

Innovations in beauty tech are taking centre stage in 2024, as proven at this year‘s annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the largest industry event of its kind. Here, thousands descended on Las Vegas to learn exactly what might be in store when it comes to the future of beauty and grooming. And, while AI and machine learning were the buzziest terms of 2023, judging by the many gadgets and products on display, tech is set to have an even bigger and more radical impact over the months ahead. Devices unveiled at CES 2024 range from algorithm-driven skin enhancements to at-home robots that seek to replace regular nail salon visits, tools that colour hair at the push of a button, and luxury storage systems developed with LVMH.

Innovations in beauty tech for 2024, from robot-powered nail art to AI-enhanced make-up

The neuro-responsive scent

Scientists and researchers say scent recognition is one of our most potent cognitive tools, and putting this idea to the test is YSL Beauty‘s Scent-Sation, which utilises a multi-sensor EEG-based headset to gauge neural responses to luxury fragrances. An honoree for best Wearable Technology in CES 2024’s Innovation Awards, the device allows you to craft their ideal scents by completing a questionnaire tied to a series of smell tests, with users given fragrance recommendations based on positive emotional responses.

The high-tech haircare

The L'Oréal Coloursonic

The L'Oréal Coloursonic can transform hair colour at the push of a button

(Image credit: Courtesy of L'Oréal )

Growing research suggests that the standard blow dryer is problematic for both the environment and hair health. At CES, L‘Oreal demonstrated an infrared-powered hairdryer, the AirLight Pro, which uses energy-efficient heating coils to dry strands while minimising heat damage. Developed with hardware start-up Zuvi, creator of the revolutionary Halo hairdryer, the device features 17 propeller blades and offers faster drying time, leaving hair more hydrated while consuming less energy. The brand also unveiled its Coloursonic at-home hair dyeing wand, which can seamlessly mix and distribute salon-quality formulas at the push of a button. On the more experimental side, Korea‘s introduced the Scalp Scanner – which promises to be the future in preventing hair loss and seeks to encourage overall scalp nutrition – while Myavana offered at-home AI-driven strand testing with personalised scientific analysis and recommendations.

The AI and AR make-up

The Amorepacific Lipcure Beam

The Amorepacific Lipcure Beam was an honoree in the CES 2024 Innovation Awards for Digital Health

(Image credit: Courtesy of Amorepacific)

The Amorepacific Lipcure Beam – a CES 2024 Innovation Award honoree for Digital Health, for its patented technology combining lip care with customised make-up – is akin to a handheld beauty consultant. The device works via a precision sensor in the tool‘s cap to detect moisture levels and skin condition when grazed over lips. The applicator then utilises a brush that emits a high-tech ‘visible light‘ based on diagnostic results, projecting light-activated material that boosts natural collagen, forms a moisturising barrier, and creates a custom hue. The brand also unveiled COSMECHIP, an at-home device that curates custom skincare, and Color Master by TONEWORK, which uses AI and ‘precision colour analysis‘ to recommend make-up shades based on skin tone and texture.

The luxury beauty storage

A Beautygloo cosmetics fridge in a bathroom

The Beautygloo cosmetics fridge has been developed in Paris with LVMH and counts Dior Beauty and Shiseido as customers

(Image credit: Courtesy of Beautygloo)

French brand Beautygloo hopes to extend the shelf life of your favourite products and fragrances with a revamped cosmetics fridge with a patented cooling system to maintain optimal preservation temperatures, all while eliminating humidity. The start-up’s product was developed in Paris as part of an LVMH accelerator programme, and current Beautygloo customers include Dior and Shiseido. In the coming year, the brand seeks to make headway in the US market.

The robot-enhanced nail and brow treatments

Nimble Beauty nail polish

The Nimble Beauty at home nail salon uses AI and robotics to paint and dry nails like a professional artist

(Image credit: Courtesy of Nimble Beauty)

A standout at CES 2024, Nimble Beauty‘s ‘smart at-home nail salon‘ makes use of AI and robotics to paint and dry professional-quality nails in 33 vegan shades, using nail-scanning technology. Nails are inserted into a device similar to a typical gel manicure kit. Then, they are mapped by more than 20 algorithms that calculate exact polish needs, while painting is done via a robotic arm programmed to mimic human motions. Shu Uemura also hopes to replace your next salon appointment with its newly unveiled SHU: BROW, an at-home electronic eyebrow make-up applicator. Built with the help of Prinker, a pioneer in the temporary body ink space, the device offers bespoke, tech-enabled brow shaping tailored to a user‘s exact face dimensions.

The new skincare devices

A woman using the Armani Beauty METAPROFILER

The Armani Beauty METAPROFILER is a handheld face sculpting device that analysis skin

(Image credit: Courtesy of Armani Beauty)

Fans of Armani Beauty can look forward to the brand‘s META PROFILER, a handheld face sculpting and massaging device equipped with cutting-edge technology that is able to analyse skin with a combination of 18 LEDs. Three capture modes are also able to identify texture, smoothness and even levels of hydration. Working in this space alongside Armani Beauty is cult Korean skincare favourite Medicube, which announced plans to bring its popular Booster Pro (a facial tool designed to amplify radiance and elasticity through microcurrents and light therapy) to global audiences later this year.

The bathroom of the future

The Kohler Anthem+ Digital Control system

The Kohler Anthem+ Digital Control system is part of the ‘bathroom of the future‘ alongside its Atmo Bathroom Fan

(Image credit: Courtesy of Kohler)

Kohler is entering into hackable bathrooms in a big way with its range of new smart home products. Coming soon, the Anthem+ Digital Control system can power almost any bathroom from a single control panel, equipping showers with the ability to regulate flow and temperature and adding steam through a touch display that syncs with the Kohler Konnect app. The SpaViva, another addition to the collection, is a multi-functional hand shower that combines an all-in-one face and body cleansing device with interchangeable brushes, massagers, and pulsing sprays. As part of this ‘bathroom of the future‘, Kohler will also release the programmable Atmo Bathroom Fan later this year, which uses sensors to modify temperature and doubles as a light, automatically coming to life when too much moisture is present.

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