The beauty gadgets of 2022 to transform your skin, hair and wellbeing

Discover the best beauty gadgets of 2022 that will simplify and streamline your grooming needs

beauty gadgets 2022
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While the global pandemic may have taught us how to embrace our natural beauty, there’s no shame in seeking out some extra support to get you there. Technological advancements in the beauty industry have made it easier to get professional-grade results at home now more than ever, whether it is your face, body or hair that needs the added attention. Here are some of the most impressive beauty gadgets and tools of the trade we've come across. 

Beauty gadgets of 2022

Droplette skin infusion device

Droplette skin infusion device: one of the beauty gadgets 2022

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When MIT PhD scientists Madhavi Gavini and Rathi Srinivas began developing a painless, injection-free delivery system to treat a genetic skin disease, Epidermolysis bullosa (EB), they didn’t expect to create a transdermal skincare device that could serve a wider audience as well. In the course of their research, the scientists discovered a phenomenon that greatly enhances transdermal drug absorption. While the goal has always been to discover a cure for EB, the duo have used their technology to launch Droplette – a skincare device that brings medical-grade efficacy right into the palm of your hand. 

When in use, Droplette delivers a micro-mist of active ingredients that truly penetrate beneath the skin’s surface. Launched with three proprietary formulas – glycolic acid, retinol and collagen – which are installed into the device in capsule form, Droplette’s unique delivery system also boosts skin’s hydration to safeguard against unwanted side effects one might typically experience from such potent actives.

Jillian Dempsey Gold Bar skin-sculpting tool

Jillian Dempsey Gold Bar skin sculpting beauty gadget

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Face massaging tools are a dime a dozen these days, but the simple, timeless technology behind make-up artist Jillian Dempsey’s Gold Bar continues to trump all. Streamlined, inconspicuous and lightweight, the battery-operated vibrating device originates from Japan and boasts a petite, 24ct gold bar to get into nooks and crannies.

Moving at 6,000 vibrations per minute, the Gold Bar helps to relax facial muscles while also delivering a sculpting and contouring effect when deployed around the cheeks and jawline. Therapeutic and functional, this handy power tool is one secret weapon.

Face Gym Face Shot microneedling device

Face Gym Face Shot

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If you subscribe to the ‘no pain, no gain’ philosophy, then Face Gym’s Face Shot – an electric microneedling gadget that delivers professional results without the practitioner – is definitely one for you. 

This two-in-one beauty gadget first encourages skin renewal with medical-grade, stainless steel microneedles that kick-start the skin’s repair process, and then dispenses ampoules of glycolic acid that penetrate deeper. With immediate results, including a radiant glow and a smoother texture, and long-term use resulting in diminished hyperpigmentation, clearer pores and reduced wrinkles and scarring, what’s not to love?

Zuvi hair dryer

Zuvi hair dryer, one of the beauty gadgets 2022

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The humble hair dryer may be one of the most underrated beauty gadgets out there, but it’s finally getting the attention it deserves, thanks to Zuvi, a new brand revolutionising existing technology. The first hair dryer on the market to mimic the sun’s natural rays, the Zuvi Halo uses light-centred technology to dry your locks, prioritising the health of hair by leaving it more hydrated and making efforts towards greater sustainability. 

Five times more energy-efficient than a standard hairdryer, the Halo incorporates environmental sensors that measure the surrounding air’s temperature and humidity so that its heating element adapts accordingly. With 120 layers of titanium to safeguard against harmful UV rays and ensure that the light source is eye-safe, this low-heat, full-speed device is one for the future.

Esker Body Plane

Esker body plane, one of the beauty gadgets of 2022

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The ritualistic aspects of the ergonomically shaped Esker Body Plane serves as a poetic counterpoint to more high-tech tools. Rooted in ancient Greek and Roman bathing traditions, this modern strigil boasts a teak wood handle and a blunt stainless steel edge to smooth and soothe the body. 

Intended for use immediately after showering or bathing, this metal scraping tool is best paired with a body oil so that it glides seamlessly over skin. Not only does it help in exfoliating dead skin and dirt, the body plane helps to improve circulation and muscle tone. The stainless-steel edge is plated in colloidal silver for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Wipe clean after each use.

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