Salone del Mobile 2015 preview

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Nola by Studio Drift and Buhtiq31

Studio Drift’s poetic installations are known for their ability to create a dialogue with awe-inspiring effect; nature and technology, knowledge and intuition, science fiction and poetry. Their latest project is no exception. Part of Vesna and Jovan Jelovan’s ‘Brand New World Milano’, which champions new concepts between designers, makers and entrepreneurs, Nola will create a landscape of light. Made in collaboration with Dutch label Buhtiq31, this sea of light will glow through the emptiness of bell jars, each mouth-blown in pink, blue, yellow or green tinted glass. Each Nola (’bell’ in Latin) can be individually programmed to create endless colour variations.

14-17 April; Via Zarotto 1, San Gregorio;

Pictured: Nola by Studio Drift for Buhtiq31