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Vélo Velo

Bicycles are the inspiration for this unusual collaborative venture curated by Marie de Cossette and Francesca Montà. The duo enlisted designers and cycling enthusiasts to create a series of 25 scarves based on the joy of traveling on two wheels. The title is a playful marriage of the French word for bike, vélo, and the Italian word for veil, velo. Contributors include A+A Cooren, Érika Muller and Tomàs Alonso. The scarves will be on sale in limited editions of two. Visitors can also join bicycle tours of Milan run by the Casbah Cicloclub team, starting at the show location.

8 - 13 April; Studiofficina, Via Giordano Bruno 9;

Pictured: Two scarf designs by Tomàs Alonso, in collaboration with Érika Muller