We love the Tokyo Motor Show, because it does ’different’ with serious passion and intensity. Where else in the world are you going to find the latest electric unicycles, miniature fuel cell-powered trucks and triangular road-going eco gliders? Or interiors clad in Japanese selvedge denim? Exactly.

LA Auto Show

See the best new concepts at Tokyo Motor Show

China may now be the biggest car market in the world but that didn’t stop Japan’s big-hitting carmakers unveiling some of the most highly conceptual and futuristic vehicles seen anywhere this year at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show. Indeed the show’s strapline - ’Compete! And shape a new future’ - suggests Japan’s carmakers are aware of the shifting power base and are even more determined to make their innovative design and engineering skills known to a wider audience.

Despite this year’s Tokyo event clashing directly with the LA Auto Show (and also China’s third-largest car show in Guangzhou), a clutch of European brands - including Jaguar and Porsche, who had previously announced they would only reveal their most important new production cars, the F-Type Coupé and Macan compact SUV, in LA - made surprise unveils in Tokyo, joining Mini in its joint LA/Tokyo reveal of its new model. Clearly, like Wallpaper*, they still believe in the special magic of the Tokyo Motor Show.