Fair’s fare: the creatives juggling with delectable dish designs

Fair’s fare: the creatives juggling with delectable dish designs

Food is playing an increasingly important role at Salone del Mobile. For this year’s event, restaurant 28Posti and its young Noma-trained chef Marco Ambrosino invited a number of leading product designers to devise a dish that featured on the menu during Salone week. The participants were Matteo Cibic, Diego Grandi, Studio Irvine, Cristina Celestino and Eligo Studio (formerly known as Segnoitaliano). Each was given the same ingredients (oyster, white cabbage, wild fennel and radish) to create a recipe with the help of Ambrosino. Alberto Nespoli and Domenico Rocca, of Eligo Studio, concocted ’Daikon Spaghetti’ with oyster mayonnaise, sweet-and-sour radish and crispy wild fennel (recipe below), which appeared on the 28Posti menu on 5 April.


Prepare the sauce 3 weeks before. Insert the radishes in the liquid prepared with 200g of water, 200g of apple vinegar, 50g of muscovado brown sugar, and 10g of salt.

Peel the daikon, pass it in a Chinese mandolin, blanch in salted boiling water for 30 seconds. Drain and cool it in ice water.

Prepare the oyster’s mayonnaise with open raw oysters, blend and emulsify with sunflower oil.

Start the preparation for the cabbage soup: toast the leaves for 2 hours in a oven (148 degrees); subsequently put them in water (for 1 litre of water we can use 400g of cabbage); then put it for 3 hours in oven (90 degrees). Filter and put all aside.

Add some fresh fennel and roast the stalks. Combine the elements in the cabbage’s broth.

Add the radish in sweet and sour sauce.

As originally featured in the May 2017 issue of Wallpaper* (W*218)

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