Swedish lifestyle brand Tangent GC is predominantly known for its commitment to organic garment care. But for spring 2019, it has released four new organic soaps to help protect and nourish what comes underneath – the skin.

Each new soap is rooted in one, natural scent. The clover soap has its trademark, summery floral scent, heady with cut grass. Warm, woody notes, mingled with elements of wild berries are carefully blended in the cedar soap; while the cheerful musky perfume of the sugar soap is created from blending sugarcane, maple syrup, fresh milk and chestnut. Lastly, the kiyomi bar is a native of the Japanese citrus. It’s sweeter smelling than the classic orange but according to Tangent GC, is a lot ‘more refined’.

Tangent GC x Åsa Stenerhag perfume soaps

Underneath the individual aromas, each soap is made with coconut oil and olives. Outside, they’re wrapped in new, limited edition packaging created by Stockholm-based artist Åsa Stenerhag, design director at Totême and former head designer of Filippa K Stenerhag, who was invited to visually describe the new collection, resulting in colourful, organically made boxes (naturally).

Leading to what Tangent GC calls a ‘negative carbon footprint’ process. This is beautiful bathing, awash with a conscience. §