Miller Harris embraces the wild beauty movement in an urban foraging experience

installation showing a multisensory wall, a grey door with square panelled window and foliage in front of it
The immersive multisensory experience includes an installation by architects Al-Jaward Pike
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Over the last few years, ‘wild eating’ and ‘wild beauty’ have become more a movement than a trend, with Michelin star restaurants like Noma in Copenhagen foraging locally for their ingredients, and cosmetic brands focusing more on fresh, bio-dynamic ingredients (like Oway’s agro-cosmetics, and Modern Botany where most of what goes into their bottles comes from the fields of Ireland.) It is not only more economical, but your herbs and vegetables are more fresh, nutritious, tasty, and they preserve more of their medicinal properties.

Urban foraging is a natural evolution, taking this ‘wild’ concept to our doorsteps by giving us access to a treasure of fresh herbs and plants that grow largely ignored in parks, heaths and greens. This is exactly the in-between space of urban contrast that Miller Harris explores in its latest olfactory project.

Loyal to its renegade spirit, the fragrancier has brought London’s wild nature onto the rooftop of Brick Lane’s Truman Brewery with an immersive, multi-sensory experience that features an installation by architects Al-Jawad Pike (known for their work for Céline) alongside a creative company of artists and florists, including sound artist Claudia Molitor who debuts her foraging compositions for Miller Harris exclusively here. 

‘Wander (through the parks)’ fragrance, by Miller Harris

‘Wander (through the parks)’, by Miller Harris

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The experience celebrates Miller Harris’ latest olfactory offering, featuring the work of perfumers Mathieu Nardin and Bernard Duchaufour. Together, they came up with three unique perfumes that are fresh, light and green. They take ‘local’ to new heights, expressing London’s greenery in the best possible way.

Firstly, ‘Hidden (on the rooftops)’ is based around privet and violet, with notes of clary sage, honeysuckle and driftwood, and is dedicated to the engendered urban honeybees that seek refuge on London’s rooftops. Second up, ‘Lost (in the city)’ is built around burdock, ferns and rhubarb (with notes of bergamot zest, geranium and musk) and dares you to get off the ‘well-trodden path’ to a world of surprises and wonder. Finally, the woody and leafy ‘Wander (through the parks)’ is dedicated to the urban flâneur, with notes of grapefruit, mandarin, fig, nettle, tuberose and cashmere wood.

Inside Miller Harris' London installation

The installation celebrates Miller Harris’ latest olfactory offering

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Inside Miller Harris' London installation

Listen to Claudia Molitor’s soundscapes, which will be played at Miller Harris’ Truman Brewery installation

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Inside Miller Harris' London installation

Perfumers Mathieu Nardin and Bernard Duchaufour produced three new unique perfumes that are fresh, light and green

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‘Forage with Miller Harris’ runs from 4-6 May 2018. For more information, visit the Miller Harris website


The Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
London E1 6QR