Lee Broom discusses the launch of his first candles

In an exclusive interview, the acclaimed British designer Lee Broom sheds light on his latest launch

On reflection candle lee broom
(Image credit: Jon Aaron Green)

‘Unabashed modern glam’ is how we’ve described Lee Broom’s past work, and the British designer’s first candle launch lives up to the title. 

‘I wanted to produce an item that not only enhanced a space with beautiful fragrance but also showcased a striking object in its own right,’ Broom told us ahead of the official launch at this year’s London Design Festival. ‘Something that had a sense of permanence yet also functioned as a replaceable candle.’ 

Lee Broom’s sculptural candleholders

(Image credit: Aaron Green)

Lee Broom’s sculptural candleholders

The result is a sculptural piece comprised of a translucent block case that holds an aluminium vessel finished in either polished gunmetal or gold. The candles themselves are made from 100 per cent natural soy wax candle and are available in two scents, On Reflection and Self Portrait. 

‘The candle glides smoothly into the crystal’s interior to sit suspended perfectly within, like it is floating,’ says Broom. ‘Once the candle is finished, it can be replaced with a new candle from the range. I like the sense of permanence of the solid crystal holder and also the versatility of the different candle refills, which we plan to launch more of in the coming years.’ 

The candles are a natural continuation on Broom’s previous lighting designs, featuring strong linear forms and playing with the reflective potential of illumination.

Lee broom

(Image credit: Luke Hayes)

‘I wanted the candles to be timeless so they could sit in people’s homes for many years and not just for a moment,’ continues Broom. ‘I’ve been exploring the concept of simple shapes with balance and symmetry for a while, so it felt right to stick to those principles for the candle. More recently I have been looking at the notion of optical illusions, and the candle suspended in the solid glass almost looks like water, and gives the piece a surreal yet elegant quality.’ 

The scents themselves have been crafted by a French perfume house and feature fragrance notes that hold personal significance for Broom. On Reflection is an uplifting combination of woods, vanilla, moss and black musk, designed to evoke the smell of the theatre that Broom remembers from childhood, topped off with bright hints of mandarin, lime and thyme.

sculptural candleholders and flower vase on wooden table

(Image credit: Jon Aaron Green )

The other fragrance, Self Portrait, is a soothing combination of lily of the valley, fresh linen and bergamot, intended to evoke the feeling of drinking Earl Grey tea in bed. It is finished off with fruity notes of pear, violet and warm amber. 

And if igniting one of these candles isn’t enough to sate your desire for Lee Broom designs, we recommend exploring Wallpaper*, Parsons School of Design and Yellowbrick’s new education programme, which includes a lesson from Broom himself. 

lee broom candleholders

(Image credit: Arthur Woodcroft)

Speaking about the project, Broom says; ‘Being a designer, maker and entrepreneur means I am able to offer advice on many aspects of the entire process, from design to actual delivery.

‘The question I am asked most often by students is: “How do I start my own business, and how do I create a brand?’’ The emphasis on designers purely designing for other brands has shifted over the years and I am interested in helping people begin that journey on the road to doing their own thing and sustaining it.’



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