Wallpaper* editors have co-created the curriculum of a new learning programme, in partnership with The New School’s Parsons School of Design – which was recently named the leading art and design school in the United States for the fourth consecutive year – and innovative learning platform Yellowbrick.

United by a common drive to support emerging talent and ideas, the virtual learning programme revolves around physical product design.

‘Championing the next generation of creative talents has always been core to Wallpaper’s mission,’ shares Sarah Douglas, Editor-in-Chief of Wallpaper*. ‘We’re thrilled to partner with Parsons and Yellowbrick, and help support aspiring and emerging designers who will bring us the products and ideas of tomorrow.’

Yellowbrick shares this mission. Its programs are about stripping away the mystery of the creative industries, showing passionate learners everything that goes into the things they love; and in the process, unveiling to them what their potential role might be.

The course: Product Design Essentials

Focusing on the integration of the design, manufacturing, and marketing components of the product creation process, Product Design Essentials combines interactive learning tools and real-world activities to create a broad and engaging learning experience. The course is built on compelling video lessons taught by world-renowned faculty from Parsons and Wallpaper* editorial staff, as well as experts and insiders from across the industry. Based on their own career trajectories, instructors offer students key insights into various career paths and skills required in industrial design.

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Opening new worlds of experience

‘There are so many talented designers out there who possess keen eyes and boundless imaginations and simply need a bit more guidance to take their design careers to the next level,’ said Rachel Schreiber, Executive Dean of The New School’s Parsons School of Design. ‘Whether they choose to devote themselves to the development of products that fill our physical spaces, or whether they’d rather help create new online experiences, we’re excited to offer programs that will serve as those much-needed roadmaps.’

Learners who complete the course will earn a non-credit Completion Certificate from the Parsons School of Design. The program will open in spring 2021. Sign up to receive a sneak peek and the complete course catalogue. §