London’s new crêpe specialist Mille patisserie gives new meaning to ‘layer cake’

Two cake slices on white plates, with coffee in a glass. It's set on a marble table.
Mille, Paddington
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Escape from the bustle of London’s Paddington and discover a little corner of Paris at the newly opened Mille patisserie. It’s menu consists only of the elegant French no-bake cake named Gâteau Mille Crêpes (translating as ‘thousand crêpe cake’), made from multiple layers of paper-thin pancakes, each separated with a brush of French pastry cream.

The cakes — or crêpes if we’re being technical — originally sparked Instagram fame from Soho’s Kova Patisserie, best known for their Japanese-style matcha crêpe cakes in luminous green. The defined layers between cream and crêpe seem a perfect match to the craft of latte art.

Four different slices of cake, set on plates.

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Keeping to a more traditional route, Mille offers eight different flavour infusions using premium ingredients. ‘We wanted to create a variety of flavours perfect for any time of day,’ says the patisserie.

Taste the Dark Arabia coffee cake topped with Valrhona chocolate-covered coffee beans, flaked-coconut and gold powder for a decadent breakfast. Or indulge in the passion fruit offering decorated with chopped orange and thyme springs for an after-dinner treat.

Set inside its white and pastel-hued confectionery shop that reflects the flavours of the gateau, Mille patisserie brings you city's best in high pancake design.

A cake covered in lemon zest sits on a light purple and light blue background. The cake is surrounded by slices of lemon and mint leaves.

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Pancake cake slices are displayed on a white marble table. One slice is set directly on the table, while the other is on a white plate. A passion fruit sliced in half sits in between.

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A piece of cake sits on a cake server. The background is purple and beige.

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For more information, visit the Mille website


8a Spring Street
Paddington, London
W2 3RA