Magic potion: Swedish relaxation drink Noa debuts in UK

Swedish relaxation drink Noa
Noa Relaxation founder Noa Fridmark chose to use natural active ingredients to faciliate concentration and create an alternative to conventional energy drinks
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Green tea stimulates the brain in the same way as yoga. What effect then, we wonder, will Noa have on the brain, given the fact that just one bottle has the equivalent amount of green tea extract that you would get in 15 regular cups of the stuff?

Noa Fridmark, the founder of Noa Relaxation, left a high-powered career to find peace on an island in the Stockholm archipelago. Since then, he claims to have captured the relaxation he experienced there in drinkable liquid form, using the ubiquitous active ingredients of lemon balm and green tea. He backs up his research with scientific studies about the effects of his ingredients, all of which are cited on his website.

Noa's drinks are set to launch at Selfridges this autumn – a UK debut that comes since receiving the award for 'Best Premium Drink' at the World Beverage Innovation Awards in 2014. There are also plans to launch in Ireland very soon.

The industry of natural relaxation drinks has boomed in response to an increasing prominence of caffeinated energy drinks in the market. Noa is designed with calm in mind, in contrast to the more medicinal designs of Dream Water, or the Californian brand Just Chill (which looks like an energy drink itself). A collaboration between Swedish design companies Super Tuesday and No Picnic, the frosted glass design of Noa's bottle makes it more chic than many of its counterparts. This is complemented by delicate illustrations of the key ingredients for each flavour, which comprise Elderflower & Rhubarb and Blueberry & Birch Sap. 

Those of us who aren't lucky enough to enjoy sedentry island living may not have time for the equivalent amount of calming green tea, but no need to stress: one bottle of Noa should do the trick.

Swedish drink Noa

The brand’s frosted glass effect bottles come complete with illustrated lid covers designed by Super Tuesday and No Picnic

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