Two creative studios are rarely as well matched as Calico Wallpaper and Joya. The two Brooklynites have joined forces to produce a trio of scented candles worthy of every mantlepiece. Each vessel is a true testament to Calico Wallpaper’s intricate design process, delicately marbled by hand, using the studio’s signature techniques. The candles are then poured by hand in small batches by Joya, who’ve devised a sustainable, domestically-made wax blend and created the enigmatic fragrances.

Joya, a label known for unconventional scents, has created ’L’Absinthe’ (a star anise accented construction) to match a white and gold container. ’Outrenoir’ – a mix of calamansi, chinotto and tulsi leaves – sits within a black, silver and gold marbled jar, while ’Seul au Monde’, a smoky muddling of tangerine zest and atlas cedar, is housed in moody black and silver. Due to the delicate handmade process, no two vessels are exactly alike, making this otherworldly joint effort all the more alluring.