New York City revamps the mini-mart, mindful of the modern snacker

The Goods Mart NYC vegetable selection
The Goods Mart brings its better-for-you, socially conscious mini-mart offerings to New York City’s Lafayette Street. Photography: Briana Balducci
(Image credit: Briana Balducci)

Call them corner shops, mini marts or bodegas, the convenience store is a mainstay of every cosmopolitan city. While many now carry modern essentials, such as kombucha and coconut water, few do so with the conviction as displayed at The Goods Mart, a better-for-you, socially conscious spin on the archteype that recently opened its second location in NYC (it made its debut in Los Angeles’ Silverlake area in April).

Tucked in between a row of busy storefronts on Lafayette Street in Manhattan’s Nolita neighbourhood, The Goods Mart’s New York iteration is a true reflection of the city; pint-sized but stylishly packed to the rafters. Decorated with a geometric black and white mural by Love Berto on its ceiling, the shop’s minimal interior allows its offering of high quality snacks, sundries and beverages to shine. The items that make the cut are not only made from healthier ingredients, but also better for the environment and often backed by a socially-driven mission.

Valerie Confections + Edible Gardens LA chocolate

(Image credit: Briana Balducci)

Shunning GMOs, artificial colouring, pesticides, artificial flavouring and sweeteners in the products it carries, The Goods Mart also is committed to reducing the use of plastics (the store does not sell any single-serve plastic bottles), always using better packaging and a spirit of transparency. From stocking snacks such as Little Secrets chocolate wafers and Barbara’s all-natural Cheese Puffs, to sustainable home and beauty products like chlorine-free coffee filters, organic toothpaste and metal straws, there is something available at all price ranges.

Another hallmark is the shop’s selection of prepared foods, which comes as no surprise given the foodie background of its owner Rachel Krupa, who also runs a successful food and lifestyle PR firm concurrently. In addition to organic frozen fruit and kombucha slushies and La Colombe drip coffees, the shop also sells baked goods from the cult New York bakery Maman and burritos from LA’s Burritos La Palma, with more additions to come.

Above all, The Goods Mart is bolstered by its community-focused missions. At both locations, all tips in store go to local charities that rotate each month. In New York, all soon to be expired food is donated to the Bowery Street Mission, that’s located close by. §

The Goods Mart New York City interior

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The Goods Mart NYC takeout food

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