Flat-screen TVs are everywhere, and in Europe at least, more of us will buy a second set this year, than a first. What’s more, we used to replace these sets every seven years, but now it’s more likely to be every four. Philips is hoping to cash in on these trends with its fancy new DesignLine range.
Created by Cheaw Hwei Low, global creative director of consumer lifestyle at Philips Design, the range is intended to appeal to these second-time-round buyers.
Low calls these buyers the ’sophisticated confident’, adding that ’they are looking for performance in the products that they buy, but don’t really want to go into the deep specifications. At the same time, they’re also aware of how it looks in their home.’
Consequently, DesignLine’s sleek and simple form is supposed to complement, rather than overwhelm the modern living room. ’We wanted it to float on your tabletop,’ Low says. The two-strong range in black or white goes by the monosyllabic-sounding ’Edge’ and its smaller version ’Tilt’, and boasts a frame cast from a single piece of metal.
Let’s be honest - it’s difficult to be particularly ground-breaking when all you’ve got to work with is a large shiny rectangle. But as an attempt at marrying form and function for a top-notch viewing experience, we’re suitably impressed.