Ripple effect: Trongyee’s undulating Shantou boutique

Shenzen-based firm AD Architecture has conceived a rippling, pared-back retail design for Shantou, China-located luxury womenswear boutique Trongyee

Trongyee boutique close up
(Image credit: Ouyang Yun)

There’s a minimalist magnificence behind Shenzhen-based firm AD Architecture. Its spaces are defined by a sense of elevation, pared-back planning and an attention to graphic shape. For the Shantou-located womenswear boutique Trongyee, AD Architecture has created a sleek tricoloured space, swathed in shades of grey and black, with an eye-popping postbox red staircase at its centre.

Graphic fixtures appear like a geometric puzzle within the 90 sq metre space, which offers a spot of serenity with Shantou’s downtown bustling commercial centre. Half moon, orb-shape and rectangular furnishings sit amongst magnificently arched door openings, bisected by panels of clear glass. Low level lighting brings a sense of calm to the interior, and gently illuminates its mezzanine, which is over two meters high.

Ripple effect

(Image credit: Ouyang Yun)

AD Architecture has worked on a host of commissions, spanning restaurant, night club and office design, private residences and large scale public exhibition spaces. The pièce de résistance of Trongyee’s retail design lies in its oddly rippling ceiling, with brings a sense of surrealism to the space, and an inclination which is almost interstellar. Here, chalky cement forms, rigid graphic fixtures and dense colourations have been offset with a fluid, reflective ceiling resembling the surface of a shiny sea.

AD Architecture was inspired by the idea of derivation and this undulating metal appears evolved from its more solid greyscale interiors counterparts

Trongyee boutique panoramic

(Image credit: Ouyang Yun)

Trongyee boutique close up

(Image credit: Ouyang Yun)



No. 6, Building 1
Qinghua Town
Shantou, Guangdong Province,