Why has Sofia Coppola created tinted lip balms with Augustinus Bader?

Sofia Coppola has partnered with Augustinus Bader for a range of tinted lip balms to fill the void of a beloved discontinued product

Augustinus Bader x Sofia Coppol lip balms and a portrait of director Sofia Coppola
Augustinus Bader has partnered with Sofia Coppola on three tinted balms
(Image credit: Courtesy of Augustinus Bader)

Sofia Coppola is perhaps one of the most revered directors working today, with films such as The Virgin Suicides (1999), Lost in Translation (2003), and Marie Antoinette (2006), now an inherent part of the cultural lexicon of the early and mid-aughts. Her more recent works, including 2017’s The Beguiled (which saw her take home the Best Director award at Cannes that year, making her the second woman in history to do so) and the 2023 Priscilla and Elvis Presley biopic Priscilla, have solidified her position as one of the great auteurs.

But, when it comes to beauty, even auteurs can suffer an unfortunately familiar problem: what happens when one of your favourite products gets discontinued? In Coppola’s case, you look to Professor Augustinus Bader for an answer, producing a collaborative range of tinted lip balms that remedy the issue. And, which are now available for us all to buy.

Three models wearing Augustinus Bader x Sofia Coppola tinted lip balms

The Tinted Balm by Augustinus Bader x Sofia Coppola comes in three different shades

(Image credit: Courtesy of Augustinus Bader)

Sofia Coppola creates tinted lip balms in collaboration with Augustinus Bader

In three different shades, each featuring Augustinus Bader’s proprietary TFC8 technology (one of the keys to the billion-dollar Augustinus Bader brand), the balms are similar in formulation to the original Bader lip balm, which Coppola says is one of her staples, alongside The Rich Cream. ‘I always love [tinted balms] and I’m always searching for the perfect one that you can put on like a chap stick and gives a hint of colour,’ she says. ‘The Bader lip balm is one of my favourites, so I was excited when the brand agreed to collaborate on a tinted version. Shade 1 is based on a favourite sheer deep pink lipstick I hoarded after it was discontinued,’ she says. ‘It’s a dark pink that I used to get at a drugstore in Paris. It adds a brightening, subtle tint. Shade 2 is a red coral I like for summer or at the beach, and Shade 3 is a burnt, earthy plum.’

Whilst enhancing lips with a sheer yet buildable wash of colour, the balms also nourish, plump, and renew through a hydrating blend of plant-based butters and oils. (This includes Shea butter, Vitamin E and Candelilla wax). ‘[The balms] feel rich and hydrating, not too shiny,’ she says. ‘And the sleek packaging is chic and nice to pull out of your bag.’

Models wearing Augustinus Bader x Sofia Coppola lip balms

The Tinted Balm by Augustinus Bader x Sofia Coppola

(Image credit: Courtesy of Augustinus Bader)

Certainly, one can imagine that Coppola had the functionality of the balms in mind when creating them, for long days spent on set. (Balm products can also be used on the cheeks, too, for those who are a little time-pressed). Coppola turned to make-up artist Dick Page for her look at The Met Gala 2024, which included The Tinted Balm in Shade 2 ‘lightly dabbed onto the apples of her cheeks and blended out with a finger for a healthy flush of colour’, Page said in a post on the brand’s Instagram. ‘Sofia [then] applied The Tinted Balm in Shade 1 straight from the tube for a sheer red glow on the lips.’

‘I’ve always loved make-up, I love the packaging and the colours,’ Coppola says. ‘I like to spend time in the make-up trailers on film sets. It’s fun and creative and a good stress release! I love seeing how different make-up artists work. I learned from Dick that less is more; don’t try to cover too much, and how a little red lipstick on your cheeks and bridge of nose can brighten up your face.’

Sofia Coppola at The Met Gala 2024

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Augustinus Bader is no stranger to creative partnerships. In 2023, the cult beauty brand teamed up with Haider Ackermann on limited edition packaging. Charles Rosier, CEO and co-founder of Augustinus Bader, highlights the importance of working with cultural figures outside of the beauty industry. ‘Combining our proprietary TFC8 technology and our formulation know-how with the creativity of great minds is very exciting for us and our communities,’ he says. ‘The process [of working with Sofia] has been very natural and easy. Sofia, as you can imagine, had a very precise vision for this project. She knew exactly the shades wanted to create and the storytelling behind them. We all enjoyed the process immensely.’

Augustinus Bader x Sofia Coppola The Tinted Balm is available now at selected retailers and augustinusbader.com

A model applying Augustinus Bader x Sofia Coppola tinted lip balm to her lips

The Tinted Balm by Augustinus Bader x Sofia Coppola

(Image credit: Courtesy of Augustinus Bader)
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