Augustinus Bader opens its first spa and bricks-and-mortar store, in London

Augustinus Bader, the cult beauty line that blends stem-cell science and anti-ageing skincare, opens its first physical space in London

Augustinus Bader spa at Lanserhof Clinic London
(Image credit: Augustinus Bader)

Augustinus Bader’s legion of devoted fans can now make a pilgrimage to the skincare brand’s first physical spa and store, which has just opened at the Lanserhof clinic in London. 

Called The Skin Lab, the new space is a collaboration between Bader and the renowned Lanserhof clinic, which has garnered its own cohort of devoted fans for its intensive (and infamously challenging) longevity health regime that includes tea-and-water fasting and rigorous relearning of how to chew. 

The Skin Lab by Augustinus Bader at the Lansherof

Products on curved wall of shelves at Augustinus Bader Lanserhof Clinic in London

(Image credit: Augustinus Bader)

Together, these two German titans of transformational wellness have developed The Method Augustinus Bader, which uses Bader’s signature TFC8 technology to boost cellular communication, promote rejuvenation, and refine the skin of both the face and body. Also harnessed are state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, such as the Visia Skin Analysis, radio-frequency treatments, micro-abrasion, and LED lights to brighten and tighten – with each treatment enhanced by bespoke complementary therapies from Lanserhof. 

Augustinus Bader products beside bed at the brand's new spa at Lanserhof Clinic London

(Image credit: Augustinus Bader)

The menu of six different treatments includes a Detox Facial (our favourite), which uses microdermabrasion, lymphatic massage, LED light technology alongside a gentle extraction and Augustinus Bader’s first detox mask; as well as an eye treatment and decolletage treatment. There are also three enhancers that can be added onto your treatment, including a micro abrasion via diamond-encrusted tip and a ‘non-surgical facelift’ via microcurrent and full-spectrum LED light therapy.

Speaking about the collaboration, Lanserhof CMO Nils Behrens says, 'For more than 30 years, Lanserhof has combined cutting-edge technology with a bespoke approach to medicine. It is a perfect match with Augustinus Bader's philosophy of revolutionary science and biological wisdom. Through our inaugural The Skin Lab by Augustinus Bader x Lansherof partnership, we will create something new that will help people not only live well for longer but also look better for longer.’ 

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