Rimowa’s vanity case provides safety and luxury for travelling with beauty products

Rimowa’s vanity case is the ideal travel companion for the beauty obsessive, with a reimagined robust design from the 1970s

Rimowa Vanity case holding several beauty products
Rimowa’s vanity case has a hard-wearing anodised aluminium shell, pictured here in silver
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Rimowa’s vanity cases were the discerning globetrotter’s staple piece of luggage back in the 1970s.

Now, the brand has reached into its archives and reimagined the Rimowa vanity case anew, catering to the needs of the 21st-century traveller and beauty obsessive, its signature, robust anodised aluminium exterior meaning that you needn’t worry about cracked bottles, smushed tubes, or broken powder products upon arrival at your destination.

A silver Rimowa vanity case with several beauty products

The Rimowa vanity case is a travel essential

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RImowa’s vanity case transports beauty products in the utmost safety

Inside, every detail of the case is executed as exquisitely as one expects from Rimowa. Crafted in Germany, the case opens to reveal a pocket lined in Italian leather with a large and strong elastic strap, meaning that even though you’ll be on the move, your lotions and potions will remain stationary. Elsewhere, a water-repellent zipped pocket designed to hold lighter items, is further insurance against any accidental spillages.

A closed Rimowa aluminium vanity case in silver

The Rimowa vanity case has a robust aluminium exterior in a reimagined design from the 1970s

(Image credit: Courtesy of Rimowa)

Another interior compartment features a removable aluminum and plexiglass tray, emblazoned with RImowa’s monogram, designed for holding smaller items. A flat pouch is also integrated into the case’s top, with a leather-made aluminium mirror inside for any of those bleary-eyed touching-ups at the airport.

Rimowa’s new iteration of the vanity case also features a tight travel strap, meaning that it will also attach securely to your matching suitcase. Of course, it comes with a TSA lock as standard. For travelling during summertime – or, in fact, any time – it’s an essential.

An open Rimowa aluminium vanity case in silver

The Rimowa vanity case opens to reveal several compartments designed to hold make-up and grooming products securely

(Image credit: Courtesy of Rimowa)

The vanity case by Rimowa, £1450, rimowa.com.

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