The Omni Hiraya Ginto face sculpting tool is an exquisitely formed beauty device

The Omni Hiraya Ginto face sculpting tool is coated in 24ct gold and wins a Wallpaper* Design Award 2024

The Omni Hiraya Ginto Sculpting Tool
The Omni Hiraya Ginto tool combines ancient Chinese healing practices and solar-powered microcurrent technology to reduce facial puffiness and muscle tension and increase blood circulation
(Image credit: Neil Godwin at Future Studios for Wallpaper*)

The Omni Hiraya Ginto face sculpting tool is a thing of beauty in more ways than one. The brand, which is emerging this year as one to watch, was founded in New York in 2021 by Janina Leprozo, who is of Filipino-Chinese descent. Leprozo drew upon childhood memories of her grandmother (born and raised in Guangzhou) practising gua sha techniques with coconut oil (one of the most accessible natural oils available in the Philippines) to create the device, which is coated in 24ct gold and harnesses solar-powered technology to emit a gentle microcurrent.

The ions of 24ct gold are said to speed up the metabolic response of skin cells, and the Ginto’s ergonomic, feather-like shape fits satisfyingly in the palm of your hand while you caress every facial contour to increase blood circulation and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. The tool is charged by three solar panels, which harness the sun’s rays or artificial light, and there’s also a massage bead at the tip for more delicate areas.

How to use the Omni Hiraya Ginto face sculpting tool

The Omni Hiraya Ginto Tool

(Image credit: Courtesy of Omni Hiraya)

Omni Hiraya recommends the following methods of using the Ginto tool.

For eyes, apply cream using the massage bead tip, before gently using it in a tapping motion to evenly spread the product. Then, massage the eye area in a gentle circular motion until the product is fully absorbed.

For the rest of the face, dampen the skin with mist, then apply a serum or face oil evenly, to provide the tool with slip. Using the Y-shaped tail end, gently press against the bottom of the jaw and glide upwards, holding the tool in place for two to four seconds. Repeat three to five times on each side of the jaw. On the forehead, use the outer part of the Y-tail for a lifting action, by sweeping upward from the eyebrow bone to the top of the hairline.

When it comes to the neck, use any sides of the device that perfectly fit the curvature of your body, and use gliding motions. Start at the base of your neck close to the collarbone and move up towards the jaw. Repeat all around the neck, applying pressure as desired.

Exquisitely formed and thoughtfully innovative, it’s no wonder that Wallpaper* gave the Ginto tool a 2024 Design Award for ‘Best Face Lift’.

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