Hæckels Lab skincare harnesses lab-grown ingredients and biotech to feed your face

Hæckels Lab is a range of microbial skincare that promises to be the brand’s most innovative launch yet, the final part of its Hæckels 2.0 project

Hæckels Lab ingredients in test tubes
(Image credit: Hæckels)

Launching today (8 March 2023), Hæckels Lab is the final and most impressive instalment of the beauty brand’s Hæckels 2.0 project. 

We have closely followed the evolution of Hæckels 2.0 over the past year, as the beloved Margate-based brand reaffirms its place as one of the most exciting players in the beauty market. First came the Wallpaper* Design Award-nominated Hæckels Skin, which saw their the company’s signature skincare formulations, made from seaweed harvested on Margate’s beaches, repackaged in compostable containers. Then Hæckels Fragrance, with a revamp of its beloved perfumes and candles.

Hæckels Lab

Hæckels Lab skincare

(Image credit: Hæckels)

The latest innovation, Hæckels Lab, comprises three completely new skincare formulations – Hydrating Toner; Cleansing Milk; and EGF Serum – all made in-house using ingredients primarily grown with the brand’s own bioreactors. 

Hæckels has always been on the cutting edge when it comes to sustainability, and Lab is no different. As managing director Charlie Vickery says, 'Hæckels Lab is built around a pillar of sustainability, [in this case] harnessing the power of lab-grown ingredients and in-house biotech.’

Haeckels Spiraglow Hydrating Toner

(Image credit: Bel Docherty)

‘Natural ingredients are resource intensive – from the amount of land required to grow the ingredients to the carbon emissions created in harvesting, transporting and manufacturing them. The idea is that our new in-house-created algae can be grown anywhere in the world – in places previously inhospitable to nature – through our in-house-designed bio-reactors and other vertical farming methods.’ 

Haeckels Spiraglow Hydrating Milk

(Image credit: Bel Docherty)

The three new products take Hæckels’ own Spiraglow formulation as their basis, which is an algae that harnesses microbial properties to feed facial bacteria and promote a healthy microbiome. Put simply, it is like a topical probiotic for your face, designed to improve skin’s good bacteria to hydrate, calm, soothe and plump. 

'Hæckels works tirelessly to put sustainability and innovation at the core,’ says Vickrey. ‘While producing incredibly effective products for our customers – everything that we've done has led up to this moment, and I couldn't be more excited.’ 


Hydrating Toner, £42; Cleansing Milk, £48; EGF Serum, £72

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