Hæckels beauty school opens in Margate with innovative curriculum

Hæckels Academy is a beauty school from the Margate-based brand with skincare courses focused on treating skin of colour

Haeckels Margate Beauty School
(Image credit: Haeckels)

Hæckels is opening a beauty school in Margate, Kent, with the first courses offered on a complimentary basis to young, local students and a full rollout to follow in March 2023.

The new beauty school will be led by Lottie Rowlatt, a therapist who joined the Hæckels team in 2019 and has long worked to change the education system in the beauty industry, particularly when it comes to the needs of diverse groups. She has developed a range of courses that include VTCT Level 2 Facial Massage and Skincare, Level 3 Massage Therapy, and Facial Electrotherapy and Certificate in Facial Treatment for Skin of Colour.

Hæckels Academy, a new beauty school in Margate

Haeckels Beauty School course leader Lottie Rowlatt

Hæckels Academy course leader Lottie Rowlatt 

(Image credit: Haeckels)

Speaking about the Facial Treatment for Skin of Colour course, Rowlatt says, 'We will be offering this training within the context of our values as a brand putting sustainability and inclusion at the core of what we do. In this way, our academy is here to disrupt the traditional beauty education system, which is overdue an update.

'I have written a course which enables skincare professionals to gain a certificate in Facial Treatment for Skin of Colour,' she continues. 'The purpose of this Beauty Guild-accredited course is to develop knowledge on how to successfully provide facial treatment for clients with different skin types, moving away from specifics around white skin. We build on the existing knowledge of facial skincare, gaining thorough understanding of the specific needs of skin of colour and how to get the best results for your clients. By delivering this knowledge and filling in the gaps, we will bring about a more inclusive future for our industry.’ 

Haeckels Beauty School interiors Margate

(Image credit: Haeckels)

The beauty school complements Hæckels’ overarching mission of supporting the local community and fostering a new wave of change within the industry. 

'Ultimately, I want the impact of Hæckels Academy to be a force for change for inclusion in skin care through education,’ says Rowlatt. ‘For us, it’s about elevating this standard beauty education model. We hope to inspire a new generation of therapists to make a positive impact in the beauty industry by embodying our core values. It’s about transforming the beauty, skincare and wellness sectors from within to create spaces where people from diverse groups feel truly at home and that their specific needs are understood and treated effectively. We are so proud of the connection with our local community and this new space is a true reflection of that.’ 


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