Kelly Lee Owens and Hæckels recreate the feeling of music through a fragrance

Scent 08, the new fragrance from Kelly Lee Owens and Hæckels, is ‘therapy in a bottle’

Kelly Lee Owens and Hæckels fragrance Scent08
(Image credit: Haeckels)

Welsh electronic musician Kelly Lee Owens is best known for crafting hypnotic sonic dreamscapes interspersed with her distinctive falsetto voice. For her latest collaboration with Hæckels, Owens has crafted a fragrance as atmospheric as her music, specifically designed to trigger, through scent, the same immersive and transportive experience of the best electronic compositions. 

Kelly Lee Owens for Hæckels

(Image credit: Haeckels)

Scent08 by Hæckels and Kelly Lee Owens

To create Scent08 Owens worked with Hæckels to translate eight distinct memories into scent. The first spritz brings with it the smell of fresh rain on tarmac (a scent familiar to Hæckels fans from the beloved Pluviophile scent), before moving on to a recreation of Cafe Poggi 1919 in Venice. The rich, malty scent mixes with the freshness of the petrichor for a complex and compelling contrast that is rounded out by vetiver before finishing off with a touch of sweet English roses, designed to evoke spring in the countryside.

Kelly Lee Owens and Hæckels Scent08 fragrance

(Image credit: Haeckels)

Scent08 is Owens’ second collaboration with Hæckels, following on from the Acton’s Lock candle in 2020, and the first fragrance from Hæckels in nearly five years. The brand has already inspired a cult following with its intoxicating fragrances, which draw inspiration from English locations like the 19th-century amusement park Dreamland (a blend of charred wood and rose) or Blen Wood (birch, crab apple and fern). Scent08 is an exciting new addition to the collection that will appeal to longtime followers and newbies alike.  

‘This fragrance is something close to my heart,’ says Owens. ‘What initially started out as creating a scent to accompany an album, has gone way beyond that. The fragrance I created has eight notes that combine together to uplift, energise and then ultimately ground the wearer. This is therapy in a bottle.’

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