Diptyque – the name alone has become evocative of sensory pleasure, fragrance, and a certain mood. Diptyque is the brand that heralded our now deeply embedded appreciation of the world of scents and scented objects that have become part of the art of living.

This year, the Parisian maison celebrates its 60th anniversary and to coincide with the event is launching its first-ever home entertaining collection. This new Decoration collection explores the brand’s heritage and expands on the Diptyque story using its rich archive of references and designs.

diptyque 60th anniversary entertaining and tableware collection decorated with black and white patterns

The Parisian maison has retained its unique position in this sphere, and this year, Diptyque introduces its home Decoration Collections, which explore their heritage and expand on the Diptyque story using its archive of references. The classic Diptyque oval, for instance – key to the brand’s visual identity and logo – is taken from a textile design made in-house during the early days of the brand, and which was in turn inspired by the shields of the ancient Roman Praetorian guard. 

Diptyque’s foray into homewares and decoration maps a perfect circle, as the shop at 34 Boulevard St Germain (which is still there) was originally a bazaar of treasures and objets trouvés collected from every corner of the globe – from wallpaper to ceramics and curiosities. The original founders of Diptyque were a painter, a designer, and a decorator respectively, and their store functioned as a kind of salon that welcomed and inspired a diverse clientele of characters from the literary and artistic world. 

diptyque 60th anniversary entertaining and tableware collection decorated with black and white patterns

Now, under the eye of product creation director Myriam Badault, Diptyque is once again expanding into decoration, but this time with its own line of entertaining and tableware.  

This new chapter in the Diptyque adventure will be introduced over the course of 2021 through the Decoration collections. The first, launching this month (February 2021), is named ‘Entertaining Geometry’, which sees the brand’s classic black and white tones and serpentine graphic lines flowing over porcelain dishes and Murano glasses, across vases, lanterns, candle stands, and infusers. §