Diptyque’s Eau Rose perfume gets an offbeat revamp

Diptyque’s classic Eau Rose fragrance is reimagined to includes hints of artichoke and lychee, with accompanying visuals by American florist Maurice Harris

Diptyque's new Eau Rose eau de parfum with flowers by Maurice Harris
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There is no shortage of icons in Diptyque’s olfactory arsenal, but it's the house’s Eau Rose, a sumptuous rose perfume, that has been given a renewed attention in honour of its tenth anniversary this year. Originally an eau de toilette made from the essences of the two best-smelling roses in the perfume industry, the fragrance has now been reimagined as a rich eau de parfum by perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin. 

Together with an expanded offering of new products and an eye-catching collaboration with the American florist Maurice Harris on its campaign imagery, the revamped Eau Rose collection is no shrinking violet. 

Diptyque's new Eau Rose eau de parfum with flowers by Maurice Harris

(Image credit: press)

A known rose fan and expert, Pellegrin is the creator of other recognisable Diptyque scents, such as Do Son and Eau Duelle, which are also constructed around notes of rose. For the new Eau Rose, he builds upon his original scent, featuring damascena and centifolia roses, to create the stronger eau de parfum iteration – which has a robust bouquet that surprisingly includes hints of artichoke, lychee and chamomile.

The fragrance also features a third rose, the fiard – in the form of an upcycled extract made from discarded damascena rosewater during the distillation process, which supports Diptyque’s move towards greater sustainability in its work.

Flowers by Maurice Harris

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Pellegrin says, ‘With Diptyque, I have the precious opportunity to create without any boundaries. This freedom allows me to explore territories where aesthetic is the only objective. Together, we create unique olfactive stories that are true to nature, true to culture, true to travel memories.’ (Travel was a key inspiration in the brand’s collaboration with artists including Zoë Paul, ‘Le Grand Tour’, which marked Diptyque’s 60th anniversary in 2021.)

‘Diptyque scents all have a strong signature. They are elegant, unique and have a sophisticated olfactive construction,’  says Olivia Grimaux, the brand’s international communications director.

Diptyque candles and perfume with flowers by Maurice Harris

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To fully celebrate the new perfume, Diptyque has released three new luxury candles devoted to its distinctive facets – a floral spin on artichoke with a seductive iris accord; a tangy lychee, already a well-established companion to rose; and an aromatic, honey-infused chamomile that’s enhanced by powdery violet leaves. 

For the accompanying brand imagery, completing this offbeat, heady fantasy vision of rose, Diptyque’s classic black and white packaging is juxtaposed by sculptural, colour-drenched arrangements created by LA-based florist Harris. Uninhibited, surprising and exuberant, the Eau Rose collection is everything you might expect of this classic flower, and more.



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