Tuesday evening saw the launch of Wallpaper*s collaboration with furniture design giant, B&B Italia.
The event, which takes residence in B&B Italia’s expansive, blanched South Kensington showroom - was pulled together to celebrate three one-off editions of B&B’s iconic Grand Papilio chair.
Bringing together the creative talents of Viktor&Rolf, Elmgreen & Dragset and Baron & Baron, Wallpaper* commissioned each to come up with their own radical redesign of the chair.

See more images of B&B&3’s redesigned Grand Papilio chairs
Known for their innovative, high-fashion approach, Dutch duo Victor&Rolf came up with a sculptural design featuring a giant cream bow, set pride of place upon the chair. Artistic couple Elmgreen & Dragset approached the commission with a typically dry twist, producing a rope-bound piece adorned with a tag stating ’Oh Christ, is it a Christo?’. The final addition, from design team Baron & Baron took a more avant-garde approach, swathing the chair in reams of pneumatic blonde hair.
The party itself was kept lubricated by a host of stellar cocktails from the whisky maestros at Chivas Regal, including a sumptuous pink sours and a giddying apple concoction - along with a straight-up, on-the-rocks offering at the Chivas 18 tasting bar.
A Wallpaper* designed window display showcasing the chairs will remain in store at B&B Italia’s store on Brompton Road for the duration of LDF before the chairs are donated to the Terrance Higgins Trust for an auction at the end of the year.