The daily grind of a Wallpaper* Interiors Editor requires a good eye and a good pair of feet. When not in the studio, masterminding the interiors stories for the magazine, they’re to be found around the globe, soaking up inspiration and gathering the contents of their next date with the studio.

Vienna Design

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And so Benjamin Kempton, our Deputy Interiors Editor, took time out to visit Vienna Design Week, now in its second year. Unlike so many of the other design weeks, where the main event is couped up in a dingy trade show hall, Vienna uses as much of the city as possible to showcase its largely Austrian exhibitors.
One of the most interesting initiatives, ‘Passionwege’, was a collaboration between many of the shops around the city with local designers, together creating displays or small products to celebrate the week.
Such a layout means the fair is a showcase of the city also, and it’d be hard to find a more charming capital in which to spend a few days tramping the streets taking in the latest designs that Austria has to offer.