Antoni Burakowski, one half of creative duo Antoni & Alison, may be best known for his runway shows and eclectic fashion collections - but his creative abilities however, stretch far beyond the confines of the catwalk, as his North London pad is quick to demonstrate.
Allow Antoni himself to show you around his eclectic home
Rising high above the whistling train lines of King’s Cross, the renovated and reinvigorated town house has been an exploration of eclectic design for the creative couple. With one gigantic preserved brick wall that runs the height of the house, neon-lit London-underground style bathrooms and a heady collection of odds, sods and general miscellany – the house is a slice of inspiration in the beating heart of creative London.
Gargantuan Georgian dressers, skip-raided knick-knacks and wunder-kammer style display cases are offset against the key design pieces that dot the house. The pair’s quirks and eccentricities can be found in every nook and cranny. Every possible kind of ceramic, 32 different styles of light, and pieces of Alison’s artwork created specifically for the space make this house something particularly special.
Skips, refuse sites and ebay may have become the boutique of choice for the pair, but this forager mentality has done little to inhibit or constrict their design vision.