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Left, limited-edition cover by artist Julian Opie, available to subscribers. Right, newsstand cover. Photography: Roos Quakernaat. Fashion: Isabelle Kountoure
(Image credit: Roos Quakernaat)

Welcome to our Next Generation and Graduate Directory issue, our annual scan and swoop for tomorrow’s headline acts, the emerging stars in the Wallpaper* universe. From a young architect reimagining Hong Kong and the duo designing sustainable uniforms for the world’s more responsible restaurants to designers de-gendering gym equipment and bringing parent and child closer together in doctors’ waiting rooms.

It is, then, an apt time to announce an exciting new Wallpaper* venture. As we turn the page on one year and stare optimistically ahead, thoughts of self-improvement are never far away. Physical wellbeing is usually paramount and gym membership cards (unused since last January?) will be rescued from the back of a drawer. But what about the mind? What about education? There’s always room for improvement there too. That’s why we have partnered with London’s Royal College of Art (RCA) to offer a series of design masterclasses to share our insight, expertise and hard-earned know-how.

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We are never quick to blow our own trumpets, but team Wallpaper* boasts the sharpest minds and keenest eyes covering the fields of interior design, product design, architecture, fashion, graphics, travel, beauty and lifestyle and beyond. Add to this the enviable list of design and architecture heavyweights we have on speed dial and the potential for a 21st century Bauhaus is there to see.

The first masterclass is in March and will be held in the hallowed halls of the RCA’s Kensington Gore studios. A combination of A-list speakers, workshops, creative dialogue and convivial card-swapping – plus fine food and wine of course – the two-day course will offer the perfect introduction to how design and design thinking is shaping our world and will give those who attend a thorough grounding in how to be a part of it. Sign up now and we expect to see you in the pages of Wallpaper’s 2019 Next Generation issue.

Tony Chambers, Brand & Content Director

As originally featured in the January 2018 issue of Wallpaper* (W*226)

Best Urban Hotels 2017

Our Best Urban Hotels 2017 winners list includes a marvel in Malibu and a restrained revelation in Kyoto. Photography: Barbara Craft

(Image credit: Barbara Craft)

pick of the shapeliest new ceramics

We’re making a sharp turn with out pick of the shapeliest new ceramics. Photography: Anders Gramer. Interiors: Benjamin Kempton

(Image credit: Anders Gramer)

ormer print works in Brussels

A modernist former print works in Brussels makes a big impression as a gallery and home for designer Xavier Lust. Photography: Frederik Vercruysse

(Image credit: TBC)

best of burgeoning design talent

Our annual Graduate Directory collates the best of burgeoning design talent, handpicked by our in-house experts, from the most revered institutions around the globe. Photography: William Bunce. Interiors: Maria Sobrino

(Image credit: William Bunce)

Hyères Festival of Fashion and Photography

Photographer Roos Quakernaat caught our eye at the latest Hyères Festival of Fashion and Photography. So we did he patronly thing and tasked her with artfully tangling new Dutch design and this season’s key looks. Fashion: Isabelle Kountoure

(Image credit: Roos Quakernaat)

Sir David Chipperfield Wallpaper* collection

Sir David Chipperfield has subscribed to Wallpaper* since 1996. For this month’s issue, we take a look around his Berlin living room, where he houses his Wallpaper* collection. Photography: Noshe

(Image credit: Noshe)

Forget dry January

Forget dry January. Take a Technicolor tumble into cocktail hour with our pick of the best glassware. Photography: Coppi Barbieri. Interiors: Olly Mason

(Image credit: Coppi Barbieri)

cherry-scented trip round a Tokyo pad

Our series of illustrated interiors is blossoming, with a cherry-scented trip round a Tokyo pad. Illustrator: Tishk Barzanji. Interiors: Amy Heffernan

(Image credit: TBC)

canopy for Château La Coste

Kengo Kuma’s asymmetric canopy for Château La Coste, for our monthly installment of wine and design news. Photography: James Reeve

(Image credit: James Reeve)


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